Silver's grass roots thrust

TALK to Division 3 candidate Kerry Silver for a while and the word 'community' comes up time and time again.

That sense of serving the community is the one Ms Silver has made a thrust of her campaign.

"Roads, recreation and reinvigorating the community are my focus," she said.

"I want to be able to rejuvenate a lot of community groups and bring new community groups into the area.

"Community is all about people, and I love people.

"They have so much energy to give to each other.

"Just yesterday I had a conversation with a gentleman who had a stroke, and just a half-hour conversation made his day better.

"People are all about each other.

"I also want to make sure our roads are safe every day, as well as our paths."

Candidate Steven Wood said he had been battling ill-health but was looking to make 'a sprint at the end' of the campaign.

"This is a very exciting time for me because it is my first election," he said.

"My main aims are to bring the council back to the community so that the community is the focus of council and councillors.

"So basically I will be returning to the three Rs - rubbish, roads and recreation - so that everything is wonderful for the community that the council is serving.

"I believe we should leave the big issues to the state and federal governments, but of course we will lobby them."

Danny Donohue has outlined his key campaign platforms.

"One would be keeping council services in ratepayers' hands," he said.

"I want to make sure that parks and roads are well maintained and to make Collingwood Park beautiful again, like it formerly was.

"I also intend to ensure that best practice and environmental standards are applied to the waste dump at New Chum.

"I am looking forward to communicating with the electorate with my positive agenda in the area."

*The QT will catch up with the other three Division 3 candidates in the coming days.

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