Our Kate to hit tour circuit

KATE Cook has vowed to immediately take her heartfelt brand of country music on the road after her long run on Australian Idol finished on Sunday night.

The Lowood singer made it through to the Idol top six and won a legion of fans with her country-tinged tunes, but did not receive enough public votes to carry her through to the next round.

Ms Cook told the QT that she only planned on having a few days rest with family and friends before she loads up her ute and starts gigging.

“All I need is my ute, guitar, and myself, and I'll be right - I want to start touring as soon as I can,” Ms Cook said.

“I just want a couple of days off to recharge the batteries and just go from there.

“You can't sit around and wait for something to come up because it'll take too long - I want to get out and play to my fans as soon as I can.”

Ms Cook said she would work out the venues and itinerary of her tour after she came back to Lowood, but said a number of gigs in the Ipswich region were on the cards to thank all her local supporters.

She said she was looking forward to leaving the contestants' home and the Sydney rat-race to relax.

“It's been a bit of a blur really, it all happened at a rapid pace,” she said.

“It's a little disappointing but it's also a relief to be out, I knew it would come to an end some time.

“I'm going to miss every day being about music - the lessons, the performances, and just hanging out with other performers.

“But I won't miss the house, that's for sure, I'd much prefer the open space of the country.”

Although she has not been approached by music labels yet, the former Coominya meatworker said she felt ready to record an album.

“I'm only just off the show so it's only early days as yet in terms of labels contacting me,” she said.

“Hopefully something will come along soon - in the meantime I'll just be gigging and getting my name out there.

“I think I have enough originals to record an album, so hopefully that chance will come along.”

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