Tim Kanofski (centre) will return to the ring tomorrow night against Jessie Nikora.
Tim Kanofski (centre) will return to the ring tomorrow night against Jessie Nikora.

Kanofski out to make boxing 'old school' again

IPSWICH boxer Tim 'Knuckles' Kanofski has promised to give local fans an entertaining bout in tomorrow night's War in the West event at the Ipswich Showgrounds.

But be warned, he plans to end things quickly.

"I'm gonna exercise some power. I'll finish him off early, I'm predicting round three or four I'll take him out,” Kanfoski said.

The veteran of 25 professional bouts will come up against relative newcomer, New Zealand fighter Jessie Nikora in the main event.

Nikora is 2-2 from four professional fights dating back to September last year. Kanofski made his professional debut way back in 2008.

"My experience will get me the win by KO, I can assure you of that,” the 30-year-old said, clearly not lacking in confidence.

"He might be young, he might be strong, but I've been in the ring with far too many good opponents. It's time I showed people I can produce some power.”

Kanofski's most recent foray into the ring was against Mark Kassab for the IBO Oceania Light Heavyweight title at Victoria's Whitehorse Club last December.

He was subject to a round five TKO on that occasion - a decision which still eats at him.

"I was matching it with him. We were pretty even through the first five rounds I thought,” Kanofski recalled. "He caught me and kept hitting me behind the head which stunned be a bit, but I wasn't going to go down.

"He backed me up on the ropes and the ref pulled it up very prematurely I thought.

"He didn't give me a chance.”

That memory lit a fire under the Ipswich fighter to get back in the ring and continue to chase his dream.

"It's the reason I want to keep going, just to prove I can be a champion again and prove to my people in Ipswich I can still entertain,” Kanofski said.

"I'm going to do that by taking this guy (Nikora) out.”

Kanofski has spent the past six months sparring with world title challenger Dennis Hogan out of Stretton Boxing Club.

"That's taken me to a new level. Sparring with world class guys like Dennis just makes you that bit sharper,” he said.

The proud Ipswich local hopes to see plenty of faces at the Showgrounds tomorrow night, in what he hopes might spark a revival of boxing in the region.

"To give these young guys the opportunity to fight in front of a crowd and try to promote them a little . . . they're the next generation,” Kanofski said.

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