FRESH LOOK: Upcycled Treasure owner Sam Vine is ready to welcome you to get creative.
FRESH LOOK: Upcycled Treasure owner Sam Vine is ready to welcome you to get creative. Rob Williams

Just the place to upcycle old items into treasure

IN A world where we are most likely familiar with the term recycling, there is another term you need to get comfortable with - upcycling.

Sometimes known as creative reuse, upcycling is all about transforming or taking unwanted items and through creative means giving it a new look and value.

Upcycled Treasure is an exciting new business that supports all that is involved in upcycling.

"I have created a store where you can purchase everything you need for all of your creative projects relating to upcycling, shabby chic and repurposing,” owner Samantha Vine said.

"It started out as an online business but it just outgrew being able to be based from home.

"I needed to get out from under the house so I moved to Shop 3, 13 Ellenborough St. It is a wonderful location and is around the other exciting top of town businesses,” she said.

Upcycled Treasure stocks a range of paints that includes Canterbury Blue Furniture Paint and L'Essentiel Botanics Furniture Paint, including wax, paint, and finishing products. It also has Gemini Creative Stencils, Barleycorn Vintage Stencils, Sandi Hands, Cass' Creations and Rustic Lime.

"I am a painter and crafter always on the look out for items that I can jazz up. I would say it is sometimes shabby chic but I do a whole range of styles,” Ms Vine said.

The creativity, use of colours and enthusiasm is abundant as Ms Vine discusses what all of this artistic expression means.

"Because something is old, it doesn't mean that it has to be written off,” she said.

"We are a wasteful society and upcycling is a genuine way of keeping treasured items in the family but with a fresh look and feel.

"This is a worldwide trend and definitely about preserving family history and to have items in the home that link to the past, sentimental value definitely.”

Just when you might think this is not for you, MsVine has a challenge.

"People say to me that they are not 'arty' and that is simply not true. Everyone can express themselves in a creative way they just have to find it.”

To assist in this process a range of workshops are held.

"I run workshops fortnightly on Saturdays and once a month on a Sunday. There will be some other options available in the near future. I also will do one-on-one sessions if a client wants that,” she said.

Workshops cover a bit of everything and each participant brings in an object of theirs and they experience what it feels like to transform it from its current look to a whole new one.

"I get people who have some experience and there are others who are just wanting to give it a try.”

Whether your item is from a thrift shop, dump, aunty or grandma, it can be a personal treasure to adorn your home. "When people get into this they are hooked. It is a real joy to see what people come up with. I have a great association with the other businesses in the area.

"I will pop around to Darling St for my fabrics and down to Art Time supplies to get things from Kate.

"Everyone works together and it is a great feeling.”

She has a range of home décor, homewares, giftware along with Stanthorpe Mason Jar Candles and Pure Heaven Soaps.

All that you need is now local so time to get creative.

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