Jury finds man guilty of raping lover’s teenage sister

A MAN has been jailed after a jury found him guilty of raping his lover's teenage sister.

Ipswich District Court court heard the man was 27 and the girl aged just 15 when he went into her bedroom at 1am after coming home drunk from a party.

The girl woke to find the man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, sexually assaulting her.

Through his defence counsel Stephen Kissick, the man, now aged 30, defended the charges at trial, claiming he mistakenly entered the wrong room of a family house shared by the sisters.

Agreeing that he sexually touched the complainant in the mistaken belief it was his girlfriend, the man maintained he did not rape her but left the bedroom when the girl called out who she was.

In her evidence, the girl said the defendant held her down on the bed and raped her.

Almost three years after the crime, an Ipswich District Court jury found the man guilty of rape in June 2018, and of indecently assaulting a child aged under 16.

"It was very dark. I was too intoxicated. I was extremely disoriented and I went into the wrong room," the man said during cross-examination by Crown prosecutor James Bishop.

"I'd taken my underwear off. I did oral sex thinking it was (my partner)," he said.

The man claimed he was shocked to find out it was not his partner in the room.

"I was startled. I didn't know what to do," he said.

"I said sorry. She said get out, get out.

"I stopped. I got straight up, went back to my room."

During cross-examination the man revealed his girlfriend soon after accused him of raping her sister.

She told him to drop his pants, then said she thought she saw blood but he did not see any blood.

The man said he did trim his hair there, "manscaping". And had done so on that evening.

At the return of the two guilty verdicts, Crown prosecutor James Bishop said a jail term must be served.

He said a degree of force was used in holding the girl down.

The Crown sought a four-year jail penalty for the rape, and that he serve 50%.

Defence barrister Stephen Kissick agreed the girl had been in the sanctity of her bedroom with a right to privacy.

He said the offences were very out of character.

"He says he has a vague recollection of the night," Mr Kissick said.

"He originally thought it was a dream. Apparently not aware of how far it went."

Judge Alexander Horneman-Wren SC said the man did forcibly hold the girl down and rape her.

He said the consequences of the crime were ongoing for the girl, and had caused her school grades to suffer.

She had since dropped out of school.

The man was jailed for four years for the rape, and a concurrent term of two years for indecent assault of a child.

No orders were made regarding a release date.

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