Junior talents to sparkle in countdown to grand finals

JUNIOR finals start today at the Ipswich Hockey Complex with many of the city's young stars looking to play in the next stage.

Action hits off in E-grade girls, where Wests White take on their mates in the Wests Black side.

The winner advances to the grand final in two weeks.

These teams have enjoyed some fantastic encounters.

Don't be surprised to see this game go to drop-offs as both teams are evenly matched.

The tip is for Wests Black to win this one. However, they are expected to meet their club mates in the grand final on September 7.

Another match worth watching is the J1 boys minor semi-final between Hancocks Blue and Bellbowrie.

Hancocks are shorter priced favourites than the Coalition to win the election in this one.

However, you can't write off Rudd and you can't write off the Strikers.

This game will be a lot closer than many expect and could even be a massive upset with the Strikers to prevail 4-3.

Good luck to all junior teams this weekend.


Senior action hots up

IN A grade women's games this weekend, Hancocks Brothers will be looking to assert themselves as a premiership force by putting away the Bellbowrie Strikers at 2.30pm today.

Bellbowrie have enjoyed a recent run of good form, all be it too late to qualify for the finals.

Ahern sisters Kiah and Lexie will be looking to pack a family punch to the Buzzsaws' finals aspirations.

However, it will be in vain as Caitlin "Hockey Queensland" Sippel will bob up with a hat-trick off the corner battery.

Hannies should win 5-2.

At 5.30pm today, premiership heavyweights Swifts will show the competition they mean business in their clash with Wests.

Wests will be without star duo Jade Hooper (injury) and Amy Korner (Brisbane), leaving the Magpies struggling to match the rampant Bluebirds.

This week will be a lot different for the Bluebirds who have previously struggled mentally with finals hockey.

Look for Di "full of beans" Casey to run rampant through the midfield during a 10-1 victory.

Tomorrow is the final game of the season for the beloved Thistles team.

Thistles have won every time I've tipped them and I'm backing them again today.

Ipswich Hockey might want to stock up on Cruisers as the mighty Purple and White army will be keen to celebrate their last victory of the season.

Thistles have proved to be a bogy side for the Norths Devils who will be looking to contain Sara "Speedy Gonzales" Jeffery and Emma Jane "Kung Fu" Oldham.

Thistles to win 3-1.

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