Celebrity Apprentice winner Julia Morris and runner up Jason Coleman.
Celebrity Apprentice winner Julia Morris and runner up Jason Coleman.

Julia wins Celebrity Apprentice

IMAGINE winning $100,000 and not being able to tell anyone about it.

Comedian Julia Morris had to keep her Celebrity Apprentice win a secret for the past few weeks, even from the charity she was representing.

 "I am a mouth on a stick," she laughed.

"It's been the devil's job, hiding my light under a bushel, but it's been well worth it. The most exciting thing is going to be handing over that cheque to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

"I've already managed to hand over $120,000 to them, so to add to that is going to be exciting."

Morris shocked team mate Jason Coleman and host Mark Bouris when she announced she was splitting her winnings with Coleman on last night's grand final, which saw the pair beat Jesinta Campbell and Shane Crawford in the final challenge.

"He was so disappointed that he hadn't won any money for his charity," she said about Coleman.

"It was well deserved. There was absolutely no way I would have won the final challenge without him. It was such a side-by-side effort.

"I was so nervous at the time. I didn't know what Mr Bouris would say."

The funny woman revealed that Coleman's charity The Song Room, which provides free arts-based programs for children in disadvantaged communities, was also a cause close to her heart.

"Music has been a huge part of my life," she said.

"My two favourite teachers at school were my music teachers. They had the most profound and positive effect on my life."

While the fatigue from balancing work commitments with the long hours of the show brought out the worst in some contestants, Morris seemed to thrive.

"As the mummy of two tiny little girls I was just excited to have the day out of the home," she said.

"I wasn't rattled by the hours. What happens with that sort of fatigue is it brings out a different side of people. Luckily when I'm tired it brings out my smart ass, funny side."

She stuck up for Coleman who, along with singer Deni Hines, received a lot of backlash during the show.

"Being on a team that kept going back into the boardroom, that's where the perception of Jason came unstuck," she said.

"You did have to fight for your right to party and for your contribution. In that second boardroom everybody was saying 'I did this' and 'this is what I do'.

"Jason was commuting every weekend back to Singapore, so not only was he doing those intense hours with us but every Friday evening he'd get on the plane and fly back to Singapore. Even with his fatigue he was good fun to hang around with. It just came to those intense moments when he was questioned."

Morris said she will present her winnings to the National Breast Cancer Foundation today.

"The more money that's going to research, it's just a no brainer that we will find a cure," she said.

"And then no one else is going to have to suffer the indignity of their body checking out before they do."

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