STATE FIRST: Johnny Bigg Riverlink store manager Ellayna Dutescu (left) and staff member Rebecca Corley.
STATE FIRST: Johnny Bigg Riverlink store manager Ellayna Dutescu (left) and staff member Rebecca Corley. David Nielsen

Johnny Bigg opening a first for Queensland

JOHNNY Bigg has stepped out to embrace the Queensland audience and Riverlink Ipswich was the location chosen to start the journey.

The specialist store opened recently and is the third retail outlet for this burgeoning business in Australia.

The store is unique in that it caters exclusively for the big and tall guy.

"So much of the fashion on offer is very conservative, if you go to a department store it is usually at the back of the store and there is a limited range," General Manager Julian Hayman said.

"Customers are asking for the products that we now stock in Johnny Bigg.

"We decided to look to create our own environment to offer head to toe full fashion to this market.

"Johnny Bigg by Tarocash gives the consumer a good sense of the type of fashion they are in for. We have big and tall men covered for all occasions."

Johnny Bigg is the next addition to the stores owned by Retail Apparel Group (RAG), and is Australia's largest menswear retailer.

Mention brands like Tarocash or Connor and thousands of consumers will know them.

Year on year the RAG group reports significant growth, and their brands are held in high regard by consumers and the retail industry alike.

The store covers big and tall guys from shirts, blazers and polos to suits, chinos and shorts and the accessories you need.

"We even have a stylist in store to help our customers," Mr Hayman said.

The fabrics have more stretch, there are linens and light weight knit fabrics used as well as breathable fabrics that are ideal for the Queensland summer.

The Johnny Bigg name got the tick of approval from potential customers, according to Mr Hayman.

"We wanted to create a personality and we talked to focus groups to assist in coming up with the name.

"The words big or plus are considered very negative for women's fashion but men are not offended by the label of big," he said.

"This is not only for those men who are considered obese; it is much more than that. It caters for men who workout, play rugby league, are just big men and also for those who are taller than average."

Up to now it has often been a case of having clothes specially made. Johnny Bigg puts an end to that by catering for all sizes and arm and leg lengths.

"We understand our demographic and in the local area there are a lot of rugby players, bigger men - men from the Pacific Islands - and we are offering a fashionable and affordable option. If you are 6 foot three or four, have a waist 36 to 54 then Johnny Bigg can cater for you.

"We have been operating for a year now and it has been very successful. I expect that we will have 15 stores operating by June next year and I am looking to 50 to 60 stores over the next few years."

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