Job losses fuel debate on working conditions

AUSTRALIAN Manufacturing Workers' Union state organiser Steve Franklin told the QT that 23 employees had been made redundant at Steel Mains at Wacol and about 20 workers at Austin Engineering, based in Carole Park.

Here's what readers had to say on Facebook:

Peter Rimland said "There was also quite a few guys put off in the Yamanto area, also for Christmas. I feel for these guys as I was one of them put off at Yamanto."

Don Noble asked "Why are we allowing more refugees in if there are no jobs? Support Australian workers already here first."

Dulcie Hawkins agreed. "This is terrible news. And you wonder why there are so many on the dole," she said.

"Stop buying from China etc and support Australian Workers.

Steve Brown made the sarcastic comment that "Free trade agreements are good for business... pfft".
Gary Reid took aim at Mayor Paul Pisasale.

"Cr Pisasale has failed time and time again to create jobs except maybe for his mates (developers).

"More than ever shops are closing in the Ipswich district, and all we hear is our councillors promoting Springfield. He wants to privatise our waste services to a Gold Coast firm and more jobs will be lost.

"He can't lie through his propaganda any more. We need new blood in council. We need someone who is willing to open the books up to the people, something Paul Pisasale is afraid to do.

"We must vote them all out, for the sake of our kids and their futures."

John Hindes said "I'm one of the guys that was let go from Austins and it's not Paul Pisasale's fault the mining industry is dead. Most of the guys have got jobs so don't stress, but thanks for caring guys."

IpsBusOwner of East Ipswich said it was Labor that killed off the Australian manufacturing sector when the party kept raising the minimum wage.

"... seven times in six years, nearly doubling the wages for all employees to pay each week while trying to compete with the imports that Australian business was once able to compete with.

"Now Australian business can't get the work as there are too many immigrants here selling the imports. Now the dollar has dropped, the imports have gone up in cost by around 30 to 40% and the Aussie businesses that should be picking up the slack have closed, sold off their machinery and out of business.

 "The tradesmen are lucky to get another job in their trade, now they are either mowing lawns or have to work FIFO and be away from their families.

 "It is very sad and should never have happened. Nearly doubling the minimum wage has seen a massive leap in the cost of living, electricity prices, public transport and just about every service, business or government department that pays wages has had to make increases in prices or make cuts."

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