FINDING FORM: Tyson Lofipo had an impressive individual outing in the Ipswich Jets' trial match against the Sunshine Coast Falcons last weekend.
FINDING FORM: Tyson Lofipo had an impressive individual outing in the Ipswich Jets' trial match against the Sunshine Coast Falcons last weekend. Patrick Woods

Jets out to exact finals revenge

THE JETS will head back to the scene of the crime when they play the Tigers this week.

The Jets last played at Langlands Park against the Tigers in the 2018 finals and while the result on Saturday won't change what happened on that day, it will bring the Jets closer to round one, 2019.

The Tigers are coming off a trial against the Bears last week while the Jets tangled with the Falcons on the coast.

I spoke to Tigers captain Jake Foster about what the Tigers and 2019 was going to bring.

"We played the Bears last week and we had a lot of younger guys and they brought a real enthusiasm,” he said.

"People like Jaiyden Hunt, Heath Wilson, Matt Cooper and Rahkeen Auda are young Tigers that have (had) their first hit-out now. I'd hate to be the coach making calls on who plays this week because they did really well.”

The Jets will play the Tigers in all three grades in what will be the last trial game for both clubs.

Individuals stand out in Falcons trial loss

ON SATURDAY I headed north for fish and chips and to watch the Jets play for the first time in 2019.

While the score was not fun watching, I thought Tyson Lofipo was excellent and Chris Ash tried hard, distributing the ball crisply and precisely.

Ben Walker was pleased with the Jets' performance.

"From an individual performance viewpoint it was outstanding,” he said.

"The new players showed they could adapt. We were very pleased.

"We will take another step forward against the Tigers next week.”

The Jets' only injury concern was winger Peter Gubb, who was knocked out and had to leave the field. Gubb had further testing this week.

Greats help U20s

IT would make a good band name Coburn and Marshall but instead it is two Jets greats helping the future.

Standing watching the Under 20's on Saturday night I had a warm inner glow; on the sideline was Danny Coburn running water for coach Brendon Marshall. It was like Ringo and Paul having a jam together.

Coburn and Marshall have played a combined 412 games for the Jets in the Intrust Super Cup and they are now working together to help the Jets under 20 side.

Marshall explained why Coburn was the perfect choice for his coaching staff.

"No one was better making effort on effort than Danny Coburn,'' Marshall said.

"Sometimes I tell the guys Cobs stories about his defence. I know he will improve our defence this season.”

Shane Walker had this to say about the Jets coaching combination: "They're both tough, humble and respectful men. Everything that a young 20 year old aspires to be. If I had a son in that team I would be saying listen but more importantly watch.”

SCC Speaks

SEAN Henry's contribution to the Switch City Committee cannot be underestimated.

"I went to school with Kurt Ison who is also an SCC member,” Henry said. "We bonded over the Jets.

"From there it just became, well, if we are going to go to so many games we should officially start a Jets supporter group.”

Henry's favourite Jet is one shared by man fans of the green and white.

"I watch Nat Neale closely every week. He is my favourite player,” he said.

"He's so solid. The gap between his best and worst is non-existent. I like that in a player. The forward that gets the job done has always been my favourite player.”

Sean might be the Gary Coyne of the SCC. He will have the electrical tape around his ears and shoulder pads on ready for Townsville in round one.

Maher gets injured Jets fighting fit

SOMETIMES the training is harder if you are injured than if you are fit, and that is certainly proving the case at the Jets.

At training now, the Jets' rehab group is working with boxer Tyson Maher. Ipswich's Ben Shea was instrumental in getting the heavy hitter to come to the Jets.

"Tyson is one of my best mates, he came out to Ipswich last year to support me and fell in love with the culture and how things operated,” Shea said.

"Tyson has amateur and professional boxing background. He has fought and trained overseas in Philadelphia and Manila, so has great experience dealing with rehabilitation training when guys can't run.”

Maher is also Shea and Josh Cleeland's boss. The company Central Scaffolding and Rigging has come on board as one of the Jets' sleeves sponsors for the next two years, which is a big example of how much the club has impressed him.

Tyson was excited for his work at the Jets.

"I love the team environment; a lot of boxing is just you and a trainer. To be involved with a group of people is enjoyable,” he said.

Maher reflected on who should and should not look to a possible boxing career.

"Shane Walker and Billy McConnachie I wouldn't be getting involved with at all,” he said. "Ben Shea talks a lot about how good he is.

"The thing I have noticed about the Jets is there is not a single player that wouldn't be beside you if things got tough on the field.”

Haiglsea's own captains Broncos

HAIGSLEA product Jake Turpin travelled to Warwick on Saturday night to take on the Souths Magpies for the Broncos.

The Brothers junior took plenty away from his captaining experience.

"I really enjoy it, I captained the Storm U20s and Ipswich Cyril Connell too so I have done the job before but to captain the Broncos is pretty special,” Turpin said.

Turpin appreciated the suggestion to join new Broncos coach and former Jet Anthony Seabold at Haigslea in the near future.

"I could do that, I worked with Anthony at Storm and Queensland under 18's we have a good relationship,” he said.

"(A) trip to the Sundowner can't hurt.”

Cooper's stat

A HANDFUL of current Jets are closing in on joining 14 of their contemporaries in the 100 club by season's end. Billy McConnachie is on 83 games, Richard Pandia 78, Huskie Teutau 81 and Rowen Winterfield 81.

A cold beer with . . .

The Blackhawks will be here soon. I found one of the Norths' best to talk league. Chris Phelan was sought after by the best clubs and found homes at Souths Magpies and the Parramatta Eels - playing in six grand finals in a row from 1980-85 and winning four of them.

Can you remember any games against Ipswich in the State League?

Ipswich teams were always a problem, tough sides and people that took great pride in their area. You went to Ipswich knowing exactly what you were going to get.

You were involved with some fantastic teams; Souths in 1980-81 then Parramatta 82-84 before returning to Souths in 85. That is six grand finals in a row, great memories?

Yeah it was a great time. I will tell you the story how I got to Parramatta. My friend was having this sportsmen's night at Beaudesert and asked me to come. I said no problems as long as I do not have to speak too much. They asked me what side I would love to play for and I said Parramatta.

I did not know but a good golf friend of Jack Gibson was in the crowd and reported to him that I was keen to join the Eels. Jack rang me and said I heard you would like to come to Parramatta.

I said I would but I will have to check with my wife.

You left Townsville and ended up at Souths, how did that come about?

My brother was down here playing for Souths. He drowned in 1979. I was in Townsville still and came down to Souths to play in 1980. If Pat had not drowned, I probably would have stayed in Townsville but I wanted to play for the same club as him.

Would you have stayed in Townsville if Blackhawks had been around?

Yeah if the option had been available, I would have stayed at home. I wanted to play for Souths because that is who Pat played for and Parramatta because they were the same colours as my side in Townsville. Pat and I always said we would play for Parramatta because of the link to Townsville.

Gibson v Bennett who wins that coaching battle?

They had many similarities, both made you better people and really focused on that aspect of your life. Jack was coming to the end where Bennett was just starting out so Jack probably knew his craft a bit better. I would have done anything Jack asked me to do.

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