THE Jets' next mission is a trip to Wynnum's "Chook Pen'' to tackle the Seagulls.

The Wynnum supporters bang on that awning, make Seagull noises and suggest you should go home.

The Jets have not played at Wynnum since round 25, 2016.

The Jets won 28-16.

Last year the Jets and Seagulls clashed once at Ipswich, where the Jets won 30-18 with Michael Purcell scoring three tries.

The Seagulls last had a win over Ipswich in round seven, 2016.

Purcell is out for another two weeks.

Purcell has scored five tries this year in seven games and broken 38 tackles so the Jets have missed him too.

At Wynnum, the Jets are behind the Seagulls 13 to Ipswich eight with two draws. Overall, the Seagulls still beat the Jets 22-19 and three draws.

The Seagulls have not beaten the Jets at their home ground since the 2014 finals when they eliminated the Jets 34-22.

The Jets have won the last two games at Wynnum against Wynnum.

No one knows Wynnum better than Jet Ben Shea. He played 135 games for Wynnum and won two premierships before moving to the Jets.

Shea is closing in on 150 Intrust Super Cup games.

"I'm really looking forward to going back,'' Shea said.

"It has been pretty much a year since I finished up at the club mid last year and this weekend will be the first time I have been back to Kougari.

"It will be a big day. I have a few people coming to watch.

"I have some of my best mates down at the footy club and at the leagues club so it is definitely a date I have had pencilled in since pre-season.

"The main thing though, will be that as a team we address the areas we need to improve and use this game as a stepping-stone into a big back half of the season."

The Seagulls are coming off a win over the Cutters.

The Jets have lost their last two games.

Wynnum threat

WYNNUM and Broncos player Patrick Carrigan is in his first year of playing Intrust Super Cup.

He played 38 games for the Broncos Under 20's before graduating this season, becoming one of the form forwards in the Intrust Super Cup.

Carrigan loves doing the carry no one else really wants to. He has been fearless in the middle for Wynnum playing 70 minutes or more the last five weeks.

Carrigan cannot be too far away from a Broncos start or the Queensland Residents.

He has powered through his first 12 games for Wynnum with 357 tackles this season and a massive 228 metres against the Cutters.

"The biggest difference I have noticed is that the intensity stays in games longer and the lulls are shorter,'' Carrigan said.

"In 20's you'd get patches where teams would score massive points but that doesn't happen in ISC.

"I have never played the Jets but I watch them with interest and pretty intrigued by their play. Hopefully the Chook Pen makes it a bit uncomfortable for you."

Seibold on rise

JET number 379 Anthony Seibold is 13 weeks into his NRL coaching career at the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

After his great win against the Sharks, I caught up with Anthony to find out how he was finding his new role.

"We've worked really hard on our attack,'' Seibold said. "I have principles more than structure that I adhere to and that's what I want in our football."

He was progressing well as a head coach.

"I had a really good grounding with Craig Bellamy and I observed and stalked him around watching everything,'' Seibold said.

"Probably the only thing is being in Sydney and being at the Rabbitohs you get a lot of attention and focus."

The former Jet said his teaching background had been a tremendous help.

"I want to create a learning environment at Souths,'' he said.

Asked if he watches many ISC game in Sydney, Seibold answered: "Yeah I check out the competition. I watched Redcliffe v Capras the other day from New Zealand and see the website every week."

Geno's insights

ONCE if you were heading to Wynnum to watch the Jets play the Seagulls you would have been keen to watch their big centre Gene Miles with the one-handed pass, big fend and moustache.

Now Miles is the chairman of selectors who picks the Queensland team.

I came face-to-face with Big Geno and we talked about how a Queensland side is picked.

"The first four rounds we don't really meet too much,'' Miles said.

"Then from about round eight we meet weekly at the same coffee shop. We only change it if we lose.

"Round 10 we put a team together plus about five extra guys.

"We have informal chats and talk during games.''

Miles said the selectors look for players going especially well.

"We look for the little things that maybe your average viewer might miss,'' the Origin great said.

"They're important to us - who takes runs that no one else wants, who is still going when they're fatigued.

"Kevvie talks to clubs and coaches, meets with players so they know they're in the mix."

Cooper's stat

WES Conlon's 451 points for the Jets places him behind Steven West on 594 and Brendon Lindsay (474).

A cold beer with . . .

For 355 NRL, 59 Test matches and 39 Origins Darren Lockyer dominated as a fullback and number six. We sat down on the grass at the North Ipswich Reserve and talked about the Jets.

Is it true your first meeting with Wayne Bennett was at the North Ipswich Reserve? Yes, I was playing in an Under 17 carnival and he was watching from the hill at the end of the field. Cyril Connell came to me after a game and said: "There is someone I'd like you to meet".

Who was your favourite Ipswich footballer? I first started watching rugby league in the late 1980. Allan Langer was my favourite Jet.

Do you watch many Intrust Super Cup games? With work commitments and kids sport on weekends it makes it hard to see a lot of the ISC but when I can I will watch.

Is there a current Jet you enjoy watching play? Julian Christian is a player that I enjoy watching.

What do you make of the Jets' style of play? Entertaining.

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