Ipswich Jets FOGS Cup coach Jarrod Biggs faces a tough initiation in his rookie season.
Ipswich Jets FOGS Cup coach Jarrod Biggs faces a tough initiation in his rookie season. Sarah Harvey

Biggs appointed FOGS coach

AT just 24-years-old, Jarrod Biggs doesn’t expect to wield the big stick of authority over the players he will coach this year.

Biggs has been appointed Ipswich Jets FOGS Cup coach for 2011, having played for the team last season.

With 2010 coach Rhett Tronc unavailable due to work commitments, Biggs threw his hat in the ring for the position and got the job. It wasn’t an immediate decision to accept it, however.

“It took me about a week to decide,” the pacy fullback said.

“But I was always interested in coaching and I speak up a lot at training.”

Biggs is the first to acknowledge the biggest test he faces this season is to get his players, some who are years older and others who know him as a team mate rather than coach, to accept he’s the boss.

“That’s the challenge,” he said.

“How do you go from being mates to ‘you’re not in the side this week’ or ‘pull your head in’?

“When the time comes, I’ll have to deal with it.”

That time is not upon him yet as he awaits the results of pre-season trials and Queensland Cup coaches’ decisions on who is in which squad for the season proper, starting on the weekend of March 19-20.

Yet Biggs knows he will have to tailor his coaching to suit his rookie status.

“I can’t be a coach that goes in and demands things because I’m still learning myself,” the Bachelor of Education student and PE teacher in training said.

“I’d like to bring in an assistant coach on board who is a little bit older and can be a bit more demanding.”

He might be in luck with Tronc possibly available from next month.

Once Biggs knows his squad, he is looking at promoting all-round skills throughout and not have players pigeon-holed by the number on their backs.

“There are a couple of technical areas I’d like to work on,” he said.

“I want us to be busy.

“At training and playing, I want the players switched on to all play football. Even if you’re a front rower, I want you to be able to take a pass or run the short side.”

Having been named the Ipswich Rugby League (IRL) player of the year in 2009, Biggs had his 2010 with the Jets hampered by injuries.

While still on the books with the Jets and training with old IRL club Norths, he can see the day coming when his playing career will be behind him.

He does not want his association with the game to end there, however, so coaching the Jets FOGS Cup is a way of keeping his foot in the door.

“I want to be involved in rugby league,” he said.

“Coaching is a big thing but I don’t know if that is at an elite or development level.

“This is a good opportunity.

“Ultimately I’d like to be involved with the QRL or ARL in development and coaching.”

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