Jail for 24,000 kid sex images

AN IPSWICH man caught with more than 24,000 child porn images on his computer will spend one year behind bars.

Ipswich District Court heard Neil James Gorman, 38, visited pornographic websites between April 2006 and April last year, downloading 24,874 child exploitation images and 19 videos onto his computer.

The images depict children from infants to about 16-year-olds in sexual poses, performing sexual acts with other children and between adults and children.

Some of the images were in the worst category, showing adults having sex with children.

Australian Federal Police searched Gorman's house in Brassall on May 15 last year after receiving information from Interpol.

Commonwealth Prosecutor Deborah Mayall said the images depicted thousands of children and downloading the material created a market for people to make it.

“This is not a victimless crime,” she said.

Ms Mayall said there was no indication Gorman would have stopped downloading child porn if he had not been caught.

“The key considerations in this case are that the accused accessed child pornography over a long period of time from a large number of websites,” she said.

Gorman pleaded guilty to possessing child exploitation material and using a carriage service to access child pornography.

Defence barrister Geoff Seaholme said Gorman had been receiving a disability support pension after injuring his back at work and eventually gave up working due to pain.

“He said he started accessing adult porn and one thing led to another,” he said.

Mr Seaholme said of 7100 images analysed, only 20 images were in the worst category.

“The bulk of the 24,000 images fell into category one, posing, rather than any explicit acts,” he said.

Gorman was sentenced to eight months in prison for possessing child porn and two years for using a carriage service to access child pornography material, to be served concurrently.

He will be released after one year on a $500 security, with a good behaviour order for five years.

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