Water tank sales drying up

TANK sales in the Ipswich area have dried up.

Tim Dilger, owner of Major Sheds and Tanks, said that many customers now saw little need for tanks.

"The drought made people need tanks, now it's just an option," Mr Dilger said.

"It was about needing a tank to wash the car or water the garden, people got them when their dams dried up.

"We still get some sales with new houses and as an extra to our sheds, but apart from that there's little or no rebates available, so it's just seen as too expensive.

Mr Dilger said there was a big contrast between drought and post-flood sales.

"We get about 10% of the water tank business that we got before the droughts," Mr Dilger said.

"Back then everyone would take what they could get, they didn't care about colour, and there was an 18-20 week wait on tanks, but now we order as we need them.

Major Sheds and Tanks tank salesman Rex Hetherington said he expected sales to pick up in January and February.

"We see sales pick up occasionally, after a bit of rain when people are reminded of the water they could save, and during the hotter months," he said.

"We haven't seen a spike since before the January floods though."

Ipswich Town and Country Centre manager David Walker put the tank sales drought down to a lack of rebates.

"Sales are at an all-time low, but I'd say it's more to do with the fact there aren't any rebates than the rain," Mr Walker said.

"People would still be buying tanks if they got something back.

Mr Walker said Town and County kept stock on hand, and also ordered tanks in for customers, with delivery taking a couple of weeks.

Ipswich City Council suspended its rebates for water tanks, which offered residents $500 for tanks and grey water systems, in 2008.

Rebates under the Federal Government's National Rainwater and Greywater Initiative stopped in May this year.

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