It's no wonder the mayor is undecided

OVER the past five months I have bumped into Ipswich mayor Paul Pisasale at numerous functions.

It seems that he runs on energiser batteries and when there is something to be opened or some dignitaries to be met he is there.

It has been his signature for many years and no doubt a key reason why he is one of the best known mayors in Australia.

Like others close to him I have noticed that the bounce in his stride has diminished just a little in past months.

There is no doubt the media vendetta been run against him and the current CMC investigation is wearing him down.

Is it any wonder?

If any of us were subject to such an attack we would also be questioning why we bothered to devote much of our life to trying to create a better Ipswich community.

The question many would be asking themselves about Mayor Pisasale in past weeks is if he goes, who on the present council would they vote for to take his place.

I have asked many residents that very question and the most common answer I have received has been none.

So let's trust that the CMC investigation amounts to a slap on the wrist for poor book keeping and that the mayor says I'll fight on for another term.


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