MP's plea to Police Commissioner as hoons "rip up street"

SPRINGFIELD Lakes residents fed up with hoons want more police in the area.

Springfield Lakes resident Dale Smith is just one of several residents concerned about hoons driving dangerously up Summit Dr and Atlantic Dr at Springfield Lakes.

Mr Smith is a lifelong resident of the Greater Springfield area.

He rents a home in Springfield Lakes while his house in Brookwater is built and said the level of hooning in the past 12 months was unbelievable.

"I'm retired and am out and about all day, especially in the mornings when I walk my dog. There's a lot of speeding both during school times and at night.

"It's actually really hard to sleep because of all of the noise and I've identified two to three cars which have left marks all up Summit Dr.

"There was a major accident here a few weeks ago when one of the cars that ripped up our street doing about 100kmh ended up on the side of the road and took out two trees.

"There was another one previous to that about six months ago which nearly collected my wife and her friend who were on their Sunday morning walk. Had it been about three minutes earlier, he would have taken them out."

In response to community concerns, a community twilight meeting was called by Local Federal Member Milton Dick MP and State Labor Candidate for Jordan Charis Mullen recently.

Residents were joined by Ipswich City Councillor for Division 9 Sheila Ireland and Senior Constable Peter Eleision from the Springfield police station.

Mr Dick said something needed to be done.

He said he'd written to the Police Commissioner calling for help.

"Our local police are working hard to patrol the area, but more must be done to keep the community safe" he said.

Senior Sergeant Geoff Noller said police had received a number of complaints from residents regarding hooning in the area and encouraged anyone who had any information to contact police immediately.

"Springfield Police have received a handful of complaints during 2017 relating to speeding, hooning (noise) and offences around the school crossing and encourage concerned residents to use 13HOON to report concerns and police enforcement," Sgt Noller said.

"Police enforcement during 2017 by Springfield police and other specialist units has resulted in more than 20 offences being detected including registration, licence, insurance, parking, stop sign, hand-held phone and seat belt.

Mr Smith said in the year he had lived in Springfield Lakes he had never seen any police patrolling the area and said there needed to be a much higher police presence.

"I see more police at Orion or at Brookwater patrolling than I've ever seen in Springfield Lakes, so for them to say they have increased their patrols, I just don't believe it," he said.

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