Getting hot under the collar as summer arrives

SO what's with this heat? I was really enjoying the season you Queenslanders call "winter" (know that we South Islanders roll our eyes a little when we say that).

With summer not even really started, we have kicked off our quilts and let out a sigh of welcoming relief as the sheets settle.

Despite loving the perks of a seemingly endless summer, it's going to take some getting used to - and until I do, I'm going to be left feeling a little hot under the collar and between the boobs.

I shower more than ever now and I was borderline obsessive before the migration north.

I've got about three different deodorants, and just getting out of the shower and drying myself off results in an instant layer of sweat - seriously.

I'm standing in the air-conditioned coolness of the bedroom with the hairdryer cord stretched to within an inch of its life, because the whole exercise of drying oneself after a shower generates enough perspiration to warrant another shower.

I use anti-frizz shampoo and moisture-intense conditioner in an effort to combat the dry frizzy nest I've got goin' on.

Not to mention the balm for my ends and the anti-frizz spray to stop it all going to pot once I leave the air-conditioned comfort of home.

No longer do I buy synthetic fabrics... unless I just can't live without it (ladies, you know what I'm talkin' 'bout).

Undies, oh undies, the lace lovelies that delight my husband have recently been barred from day wear in preference for cottons.

I used to see Femfresh on supermarket shelves and wonder, "What the hell would you need that for?"

Now I'd seriously consider buying it. 

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