Sam Fuller with his best mate’s dog Shelley at his Charlton property.
Sam Fuller with his best mate’s dog Shelley at his Charlton property.

Best mate injured in accident

IT WAS an Anzac Day that Sam Fuller and his family will never forget.

A terrible accident on the family's Charlton property nearly claimed the life of Mr Fuller's best friend, 52-year-old Ken Alexander.

Mr Alexander was hit by a vehicle being driven on the property and sustained severe injuries to his chest requiring life saving surgery at Toowoomba Hospital on Wednesday night.

The vehicle that struck Mr Alexander was being driven by Mr Fuller's six-year-old son.

"We were working on a friend's car when Ken decided to go and get a part from an adjoining paddock and that is where he was hit," Mr Fuller said.

"Living on a rural property it is not unusual for children to be using farming equipment, especially cars.

"If you live in the country, no sooner are you out of your mum's belly than you are driving a vehicle on the property," he said.

Immediately after the accident, Mr Fuller knew that his friend was in serious trouble.

"Somehow Ken just either walked out, or tripped, in front of the car," Mr Fuller said.

"He is tough as nails, but I could tell he was severely injured.

"I had him in my arms and he told me he was sorry," he said.

The accident has left the Fuller family completely shattered.

"I have known him half my life. He is like a brother to me," Mr Fuller said.

"He is part of the family. My children consider him as an uncle," he said.

Mr Fuller said his son, who was driving the vehicle, has taken the accident extremely hard.

"We are family to Ken... there is no two ways about that," Mr Fuller said.

"My son has taken it particularly hard. He has been hiding in his room ever since it happened," he said.

The Toowoomba Forensic Crash Unit and Child Protection Unit are investigating circumstances surrounding the accident.

"To see my best mate like that was shocking," Mr Fuller said.

"I have not been able to get it out of my head.

"It was just a terrible, terrible accident," he said.

Mr Alexander remains in a serious, but stable condition in intensive care at Toowoomba Hospital.

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