OPINION: Is there a home for the homeless in Ipswich?

THE struggles faced by The Gate 1 Chance founder Mary Hurst in establishing a safe house for the homeless at Dinmore (see today's front page) are very similar to those recently faced by the organisation planning to open a prisoner halfway house at Churchill.

If you haven't noticed, the Queensland Times has been following Ms Hurst's progress for the past few years.

In between feeding the homeless where she can, Ms Hurst has been fundraising since about 2012, with the ultimate vision of creating a safe house for people that have been sleeping rough.

I've met with Ms Hurst several times in those years and have personally seen one of the places where the real battlers of Ipswich were sleeping.

At best, you would have described it as a derelict hell hole - so much so that a part of me was glad when they knocked it down.

The problem Ms Hurst is trying to address is real and she should be commended for her efforts.

Unfortunately, there is a big problem with trying to help people as The Gate 1 Chance is doing.

Whether it's a halfway house, methodone clinic or a homeless shelter, finding a suitable location within a popular city is a significant challenge.

So the question remains - if you want to do the right thing and help the people in our community who most need help, where do you do it?

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