LETTERS: Irrigator's letter misses complexity

TOM Wilkinson of the Mid Brisbane River Irrigators does the residents of the district a disservice when he suggests that the "breach of the manual from 8am on January 8, 2011 until the evening of January 9" was the sole or even major cause of the catastrophic flooding in January 2011.

It is much more complex than that.

Mr Wilkinson's selective quote ignores the Commission's conclusion on page 527; "The evidence was uniformly to the effect that the pattern of releases adopted on Saturday 8 January was appropriate".

Two of the Commission's experts noted that there was some non-compliance but that, "These depended… on particular interpretations of the manual".

The Manual has since been amended to remove these ambiguities.

The amendments and the unwarranted attacks on the flood engineers that produced them resulted in events of May 2105 of which Mr. Wilkinson complains.

The Commission's conclusion was later reinforced by the independent reviews of the two major US dam and flood mitigation operators.

Mr Wilkinson's focus on the "breach of the manual" may advance the cause of a class action but does a disservice to the balance of the community by directing attention away from correction of other matters which were major contributors to the impact of the 2011 flood.



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