Angry mob had man on the run

A MAN who called police to complain about an angry mob at his house ended up being charged with drink-driving.

Police were called to a disturbance in Booval on December 10 at 3.10am but when they arrived Dwayne Anthony Arnott seemed drunk and he admitted driving.

Arnott was breathalysed and recorded 0.144.

Ipswich Magistrates Court heard the 26-year-old was sentenced in June 2008 for dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and driving under the influence of liquor with a reading of 0.215.

Arnott told the court he only drove to get away from a volatile situation.

“The night in question – I didn’t mean to drive,” Arnott said.

“But when the police were called to that disturbance we had people in that house – I was just trying to get away from them.

“They were after me.”

Prosecutor Senior Constable Jo Colston said there was no note of the unruly “home invaders” in the court files.

Arnott pleaded guilty to drink-driving and driving unaccompanied on a learner’s permit.

He was fined $1000 and disqualified for 12 months.

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