SENTENCED: Joshua Glenn James O'Farrell, 30, from North Booval, leaves Ipswich Magistrates Court,
SENTENCED: Joshua Glenn James O'Farrell, 30, from North Booval, leaves Ipswich Magistrates Court, Ross Irby

Ipswich's 'sovereign citizen' sorry for courtroom hissy fit

LAST time he appeared in an Ipswich courtroom Joshua O'Farrell caused chaos when the self-described 'sovereign citizen' was arrested for disrupting court proceedings, then took photos from behind the glass walled dock to send to a television news station.

This time O'Farrell was calm, compliant, and apologised for throwing "a hissy fit".

"That's exactly what happened," O'Farrell said, when police prosecutor Ricky Tsoi outlined the facts before magistrate Andy Cridland.

"I'd like to say I was stupid... and delusional," O'Farrell said.

Joshua Glenn James O'Farrell, 30, from North Booval, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to taking prohibited photographs during court proceedings at Ipswich on October 10; obstructing a police officer; and contravening a police direction to state his correct name.

O'Farrell also pleaded guilty to possession of dangerous drugs (marijuana) and utensils at Yamanto on August 16, 2018; causing public nuisance and obstructing police at Leichhardt on September 17; and failing to attend court.

"Guilty mate," O'Farrell said to Mr Cridland.

In police facts Mr Tsoi said police officers intercepted a silver Mitsubishi in Yamanto at 9pm on August 16 and detained its three occupants.

O'Farrell was given a pat-down search and police found a cone piece and eight small clip seal bags that held green-leaf material weighing 25.1 grams, - O'Farrell saying it was "his weed".

In an incident on August 24 police were called to a street where a man was reported to be acting disorderly.

O'Farrell was standing in the middle of a road in front of a stopped car and would not move.

"You've got to give way to pedestrians c---s ," he said to the driver.

Mr Tsoi said O'Farrell stayed in the middle of the road arguing with the driver, saying "I want to die".

He again walked in the path of the vehicle when it moved, yelling at the driver.

A passing police car was waved down by police at the scene to assist, with O'Farrell continuing to yell and scream obscenities.

When officers tried to arrest him he pulled away and took off his shirt, swearing aggressively.

He tried to push one officer away and struggled, but was restrained on the ground.

Taken to the watch-house, O'Farrell continued to yell and to kick the cell door.

Mr Tsoi said in the Ipswich courtroom incident O'Farrell refused to state his name, saying he was sovereign citizen.

He dropped to the floor and refused to comply with directions.

He was yelling and vigorously resisted police who could not handcuff him.

When arrested and put in the dock he used a device saying he was "taking pictures for Channel Seven".

Asked by Mr Cridland what he had to say on the matter, O'Farrell said "I don't want to go to jail. I will seek proper mental health".

He said he was getting treatment and trying to do everything right.

O'Farrell said he'd been told he could not go back to court (to apologise) after "my little hissy fit".

Mr Cridland took into account documents including medical before the court, but said a prison term was warranted.

At the time of the courtroom offences O'Farrell was on a suspended two month jail sentence for other matters.

O'Farrell was sentenced to a total four months and seven days jail and given immediate supervised parole.

Parole release included the suspended sentence which was activated.

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