POSTAL PAIN: Ipswich residents are complaining about their mail going astray.
POSTAL PAIN: Ipswich residents are complaining about their mail going astray. Trevor Veale

Frustrated customers say post regularly goes astray in Ipswich

YOU'VE got mail…but it's not yours.

Yours is in someone else's mail box.

Unfortunately, that is becoming a far too frequent occurrence for the residents of Ipswich.

Cr Paul Tully said Australia Post's customer service was "almost non-existent".

Responses to both Cr Tully's and the QT's Facebook page are littered with examples of mail regularly either going astray or not being delivered at all.

An Australia Post spokesperson said complaints from Ipswich were no higher than anywhere else.

"Our records indicate that the volume of complaints received in relation to the Ipswich delivery area are no higher than the average received for surrounding areas," the spokesperson said.

"However, despite the utmost care and diligence in our mail processing arrangements, we recognise that there are isolated instances of lost or delayed mail. We recently experienced a staff shortage in the area which, may have resulted in a one-day delay for delivery of a small number of items.

"But we have recruited and provided additional training to cover delivery gaps."

Joanne Mitchell, on Cr Tully's Facebook page, said she was "always having problems with Australia Post".

"Had a lady send me a letter from Yamanto to Bundamba about two months ago," she said.

"The letter was delivered, not once but twice, to an address in NSW 2230.

"It finally arrived in my mailbox about three weeks after they were posted from Yamanto. And that is just one incident."

Ipswich's Sandra Peters said she "was still waiting for a parcel that was posted a month ago and that I should have received three or four days later".

Cr Tully has had his own experiences with mail going astray.

"Recently, a letter was put in my private box at Goodna that was correctly addressed to a business at Hamilton Central in Brisbane," he said.

"Then, in my box at Goodna, a letter turned up for City of Charles Sturt, PO Box 1 Woodville, SA 5011 - just 2000 kilometres away from where it should have been delivered.

"How a mail item addressed to South Australia ends up in Goodna beggars belief.

"These are clearly marked.

"It is impossible to understand how those mail items can regularly go the wrong address.

"These letters have gone through both automatic and manual sorting processes.

"Australia Post is cutting back staff and its customer service is almost non-existent while its postage charges are at record levels."

Cr Tully get complaints every week about wrongly-delivered mail around Ipswich's eastern suburbs.

"Australia Post has lost its way and now wants to cut postal deliveries back to three days a week," he said.

"They should get back to the basics of delivering the mail on time to the correct address."

But Flinders View's Bev Draper praised her postal service, with one complaint.

"I've never had any issues here at Flinders View. We have the best contractor in this area. I can't complain about Australia Post, except their postal charges."

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