Ipswich warms to Royal couple

WITH the Royal wedding only three sleeps away, new debate over whether Australia should become a republic has joined the uninvited guest list.

A newspaper poll found support for an Australian republic was at its lowest level since 1994 at just 41%, with only 25% strongly in favour.

According to the poll, 48% of people would back a republic with Charles on the throne and his wife Camilla as princess consort, while the proportion opposed fell to 34%.

While Prince William and his bride-to-be Kate Middleton are more popular, 45% of respondents said they would be in favour of a republic if William became king, while 39% said they would be opposed.

A snap poll of 50 people in Ipswich yesterday found 20 in favour of a republic and 30 in favour of the Monarchy.

“We should remain what we are until a sensible plan for a republic is made,” Ipswich man Greg Thompson said.

Australian Monarchist League chairman Philip Benwell jumped on the poll findings, saying they proved a majority didn't want a republic.

“It comes as no surprise to the Australian Monarchist League, which has seen a steady increase in membership, particularly amongst the under-30 age group over the past few years,” Mr Benwell said.

“The visits of Prince William have only consolidated what was there, with the Prince connecting with younger generations.

“Younger generations realise it is our constitutional system that makes this country one of the greatest in the world in which to live.

“They show that realisation in their support of our current constitutional arrangements.”

Australian Republicans for an Elected President Paul Tully accused the Monarchist League of “manipulating the latest figures for its own political gain”.

“Sixty-one percent of Australians either support an Australian republic or have no preference either way,” he said.

“When King Charles and Queen Camilla are foisted on the people of Australia, there will be a surge in republican support which will see the monarchists disappear quicker than you can say Buckingham Palace.”

Wedding fever

Guests include David and Victoria Beckham, film director Guy Ritchie, the Aga Khan, the King of Swaziland and Ian Thorpe

Two billion people worldwide are expected to watch on TV

Regular updates will be posted on the official royal wedding website and on the British Monarchy Facebook page.

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