Ipswich treated poorly on early morning trains

We have previously pointed out that an analysis of the Queensland Rail suburban timetables has revealed that Ipswich and Springfield are being treated poorly in respect of the times of first services in the morning on weekdays.

For example the first train out of Caboolture is 3.52am, Kippa-Ring will be 3.46am. Compare this to Ipswich, first service at 4.37am, and Springfield first service at 5.39am.

In the case of Ipswich the earliest someone can catch a train from Ipswich and be at Brisbane Airport is 6.25am. Hardly satisfactory, it is much worse for the Springfield line.

Ipswich line needs a departure at 4.07am, and possibly 3.37am from Ipswich. Springfield line needs earlier services, 5.09am and 4.39am departures from Springfield Central would be preferred.

This also should be improved to 30 minute frequency in line with the rest of the rail network.


New alcohol legislation a win for all concerned

GIVEN the tragic events that have occurred as a result of alcohol-fuelled violence, legislation to restrict the hours of alcohol sales is a welcome victory for the Palaszczuk government.

Imposing harsher penalties alone will not suffice.

Tanked-up individuals with a proclivity for violence seldom weigh up the consequences before deciding to act.

Even the research that questioned NSW Premier Mike Baird's figures on the decrease in violence in Sydney and King's Cross showed that the decline in assaults has been significant.

There have also been positive outcomes following similar measures taken in Newcastle.

It beggars belief that people who are able to do so would not try to improve the present situation where wanton assaults endanger and destroy young lives.

F. CARROLL, Ipswich


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