Ipswich teen's fast driving makes magistrate furious

A TEENAGE driver has been scolded for using the streets like "a scene clipped out of The Fast and the Furious".

Jayden Jai Brown had been driving through Brassall at 8.40pm, when police tried to pull him over.

When officers activated their lights and sirens though, the 19-year-old reacted by accelerating away.

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As police gave chase, Brown swerved all over the road and switched his headlights on and off.

Police had to abandon the pursuit out of concerns for the safety of members of the community.

The incident took place on July 7, 2014. Brown was charged for failing to stop later that month.

At Ipswich Magistrates Court, Brown appeared by video link from Woodford Correctional Centre - after he was arrested for another matter - to plead guilty to the offence.

Magistrate Deborah Vasta said society was "sick" of drivers leading police on high-speed chases.

"Our streets are not video clips from The Fast and Furious," Ms Vasta told Brown.

"This kind of behaviour doesn't only put your life in danger, but the lives of innocent people as well."

Changes to Queensland's pursuit policy were introduced in 2012, after an inquest that investigated the deaths of 10 people during police chases during a four-year period.

Ms Vasta said the police were now forced into a situation where they had to call off most high speed pursuits in the interests of community safety.

She said since the police's hands were tied, tougher penalties had been introduced to deter people from evading police.

"A lot of people your age still engage in this activity though," she told Brown.

"You probably feel 10-foot tall and bulletproof and don't think that you could be involved in an accident, however the potential for injury is great.

"People who lead police on high-speed chases need to know that once they're caught, they will have the book thrown at them."

For the offence, Brown was sentenced to a year in jail and disqualified from driving for two years.


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