FAMILY BUSINESS: Brian (left) and Nick Scott of Ipswich Skylights.
FAMILY BUSINESS: Brian (left) and Nick Scott of Ipswich Skylights. David Nielsen

Ipswich Skylights continues to burn bright

WITH the start of autumn we know it is only a relatively short time before we enter the cold nights and cool days of winter.

For almost 30 years Ipswich Skylights has warmed homes with wood fires.

Ipswich Skylights director Nicholas Scott is keen to ensure locals are aware of the silent risks that exist in household combustion wood fires.

"I recommend that combustion heaters are checked on a regular basis,” he said.

"We suggest in Queensland that every two years to have a full service check is fine, elsewhere it is best every year, but we do not use them as much here.”

Mr Scott said a fire service should be carried out on units that are three years or older.

"I have had one case where the unit had not been checked or serviced in 18 years and they had a fire in the flue,” he said.

"I had to call the fire brigade to extinguish the fire. As you can imagine it is very dangerous and if fire does not spread the water damage from controlling the situation is major,” he said.

Ipswich Skylights sells tool sets, flue brushes, soot, loose, putties, and replacement fire bricks. If you don't want to do it yourself they also offer a flue cleaning and wood fire servicing treatments.

"I am currently doing a lot of work in installation and servicing. I now do the installation work for other companies as well as our own sales,” Mr Scott said.

Ipswich Skylights is well known and respected for its innovative range of skylights, insulation, whirlybirds, wood fires, gutter filters and roof and gutter repairs.

"Wood fires are the best heat for the home, it is natural and takes the chill off the air and warms the room. Air conditioning is a dry heat,” he said.

Mr Scott said the heaters were triple skin fireplaces and had a slow combustion.

The business offers an in-home service.

"I prefer to come to a client's home and see the situation so whether it is for skylights or fire heaters I can give the right advice and offer suggestions on what will work best in their home,” Mr Scott said.

Sadly there are only three Australian brands remaining with stock coming in from Canada and New Zealand. The market in Australia is small because the consistently cold temperatures affect only a relatively small part of the country.

Brian Scott founded the business in 1988 and more recently son Nicholas took over the day-to-day management.

"Dad started out from a spare room in our home. He was in the RAAF and he and mum wanted to stay in Ipswich, the only way to achieve this was to retire from the Air Force,” Mr Scott said.

Mr Scott said he was in the business of home climate control.

"We are selling luxury items that add to someone's lifestyle and comfort. The seasons are critical for us,” he said.

While the business maintains the showroom in North Ipswich, appointments can be made by calling Nicholas Scott directly.

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