Paul Donaldson

Ipswich set to sweat this week

DESPITE a cool spell over the past couple of days, Ipswich is set to sweat through another sweltering week.

The temperature will pick up to 34 degrees today and the mercury will then push to 37 across Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday before some relief towards the end of the week.

Ipswich is set for a maximum for 33 on Friday and 28 on Saturday.

Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Lachlan Stoney said humidity levels would be moderate in the next couple of days but it would pick up from Wednesday.

"That could make things feel a bit hotter and a bit more uncomfortable," Mr Stoney said.

"That's pretty normal (for February)."

There is not much, if any, rain forecast for Ipswich in the coming week.

"Over the next few days there is nothing on the horizon," he said.

There are low chances of some minimal rain relief on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

"There is a slight chance of getting some showers on Thursday," he said.

"Friday and Saturday look better. There is potentially a band of showers coming in from the sea that are pushing inland a fair bit. So that could reach Ipswich on Friday or Saturday.

"It's pretty far away so we don't know exactly how much rain we'd get with that, but it would likely be 1-2mm."

The average maximum temperature for the area for February is 30 degrees.

The bureau is warning anyone heading to the coast to class off during midweek to be cautious of dangerous surfing conditions on top of already high tides.

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