Robber's drug life was horror show

A ROBBER wearing a horror mask and armed with a machete stormed an Ipswich tavern to steal less than $3000.

But the heroin addict, who was driving his parents’ car, was arrested just two hours later.

Daniel Anthony Miller, who has a history of committing armed robberies, was wearing dark clothes and a horror face mask when he rushed into the Redbank Plains Tavern at 6pm on October 1.

The 35-year-old bashed the machete on a counter and demanded money.

He escaped with $2887.65 but a witness wrote down the car’s registration number.

Just 22 minutes later a police officer was at Miller’s parent’s house, where he was living, and Miller hopped in another car and drove away despite the officer telling him to stop.

The police officer spoke to Miller’s father who called his son and told him to come home.

Miller returned home at 7.20, had a cup of coffee and admitted he robbed the tavern at 8pm.

He pleaded guilty in Ipswich District Court to a charge of armed robbery.

Miller was sentenced to six years jail and will be eligible to apply for parole on September 30 next year.

Taken into account was the 120 days Miller already spent in pre-sentence custody.

Ipswich District Court heard Miller robbed a service station in Shepparton, Victoria in 2002 with an unloaded sawn-off shotgun for just $1160 and 20 packets of cigarettes.

In April, 2004 Miller was again on the wrong side of the law, robbing a Shepparton bank, stealing $14,220 and bashing a man who heard about his robbery plan.

He spent years in Victorian jails for his two previous amateur robberies.

Defence barrister Scott Lynch said his client had struggled with a heroin and methadone addiction for years but came from a supportive family.

“He’s at a loss to explain why this occurred simply because he did have some money on that day and can only explain it as he had some alcohol as well as medication,” Mr Lynch said.

Judge Gregory Koppenol said drugs were a “scourge on our society”.

“Drugs do terrible things to people,” Judge Koppenol said.

“I just don’t know what the future of this country is going to be with the prevalence of drugs in our community today.”

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