Ray White Ipswich principal Warren Ramsey.
Ray White Ipswich principal Warren Ramsey. David Nielsen

What's changed in Ipswich real estate in 25 years

A LOT has changed in Ipswich real estate in the last 25 years and through thick and thin, Warren Ramsey has been there to witness it.

The Ray White Ipswich principal is this month reflecting on a quarter of a century of selling property in the city, having ridden the market's highs and lows for 25 years.

Mr Ramsey and his father, Geoffrey, bought the business in February 1993 before Warren took over the reins in 1997.

Warren's family is from Glamorgan Vale and he moved home after spending seven years working as a grain and cattle station manager in the Northern Territory.

Work dried up, quite literally, and he moved home to start in real estate when he was 26.

Since then he's sold close to 6000 properties and managed hundreds of rentals, his wife Deanne coming on board 11 years ago to help manage the rental business.

The business has had a few homes in its lifetime, Brisbane St, on the corner of East and Limestone Sts, Booval and its forever home on Limestone St.

It's now expanded to a second site at North Ipswich.

There were eight staff on the books in 1993, a staff which has now expanded to up to 40 people.

Mr Ramsey said the median house price jump was the most significant comparison to Ipswich real estate 25 years ago, but it wasn't a smooth journey.

"The most memorable moment was the average price of houses in Ipswich was $60,000 to $70,000 and the commission based on that level was much lower than what it is now," he said.

"We were driving to Coolangatta to talk to the purchaser and then to Toowoomba to talk to the seller on a $60,000 deal, there wasn't much left over.

"It was really hard times in the 90s. The talent wasn't as good because the pay wasn't. Now it's totally different, the professional people we have in the game now, the game has completely changed."

Mr Ramsey said property prices were not the only thing to have evolved, with Ipswich's real estate legacy constantly improving.

"The Brisbane attitude towards Ipswich has changed big time. Nobody had the time of day for us from Ipswich but now, it's totally different. When you say you're from Ipswich it's a talking point," he said.

Mr Ramsey said every sale was different.

"I've sold close to 6000 properties, it's over 5000 stories and 10,00 families and I think I've seen just about every reason for wanting to sell and buy.

"Sometimes you get a bit blaze and forget it's one of the most stressful times of their life. It's a daunting thing.

"There won't be another 25 years to come but one or two of the kids might come through.

"A couple of them are interested in following the footsteps," he said.

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