Ipswich races being beamed to world

Corbould Park race caller Paul Dolan overlooks the Caloundra Racetrack Photo: Warren Lynam / Sunshine Coast Daily
Corbould Park race caller Paul Dolan overlooks the Caloundra Racetrack Photo: Warren Lynam / Sunshine Coast Daily Warren Lynam

AS the greyhounds parade to the starting boxes for any race at Ipswich, the handlers would be well aware that they are on national television via Sky Racing.

It's actually a lot further afield than Australia that the Ipswich races are being watched and wagered on.

There's New Zealand and the United Kingdom to name just two places where our greyhound races are shown.

I don't have a comprehensive list but have been told that Australian greyhound races are also telecast into India and Russia.

I'm not sure how the Russian and Indian punters can follow our racecallers.

Maybe they turn the sound down and just watch for the numbers.

We keen punters in Australia get the chance to bet on greyhound racing from New Zealand and England at present.

You can imagine that expanding at some stage to include the United States and Ireland.

The Australian clubs receive some payment from turnover generated overseas, which all helps to keep the pot brewing at home.

For today's Ipswich twilight meeting, the entire 10 race card will be telecast on Sky's international channel.

Tomorrow night it will be race 10 only.

Next Tuesday it will be races seven to 10.

It's a small world and changing world happening out there.

Winning doubles

THE spoils were evenly spread at the three Ipswich meetings staged this past week.

Six trainers landed winning doubles. They were Barry Kitchener, Col Byers, Kay Harradence, George Clegg, Rob Greensill and Steve Scott.

Start times for upcoming race meetings at the Showgrounds are - today 3.37pm, tomorrow 5.41pm and Tuesday (Anzac Day) 3.37pm.

Dead heats so close

DEAD heats in races are quite infrequent nowadays, at the three racing codes.

The computerised Finishlynx system can find a margin as narrow as the width of a human hair between two runners. That's not much.

In the days before Finishlynx, a developed print (photo) was produced from a dark room and sometimes that print could be a bit indistinct.

Even with a hand held magnifying glass (remember them?), the judge would sometimes declare a dead heat when there may have been a nose margin but that margin was not 100 percent definite.

It can be weeks, sometimes months, between dead heats at a track nowadays.

So it was very unusual that there were two dead heats for first at Albion Park's Wednesday meeting this week.

Numbers three and four dead heated in race three.

Then numbers four and seven did the same in race seven.

Race 10 was a close finish with the judge declaring the shortest possible margin, a nose, in favour of the Mick Dunner trained Harbour Drive.

Two dead heats on the one card is highly unusual. Three of them would have been bizarre.

Consider this

WHOEVER said "it's not whether you win or lose that counts'', probably lost.

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