NICE MOVE: Shannon Zografos, who has recently moved to Ipswich to start a family, with her niece Maya Fairweather and dog Buster.
NICE MOVE: Shannon Zografos, who has recently moved to Ipswich to start a family, with her niece Maya Fairweather and dog Buster. David Nielsen

Ipswich's rocketing population hits 180,000

IPSWICH is booming with the city's population set to hit 180,000 next week.

Mayor Paul Pisasale and Cr Paul Tully will meet the 180,000th resident and present them with a special memento to recognise the landmark.

The QT reported in September, 2010 that the city had hit the 170,000 mark and since then the increase in population has averaged out at 320 extra people per month.

ABS historical figures also show that between 2000 and 2011 Ipswich grew 37.2%, making it the fastest growing major centre in the state.

Cr Pisasale says the reason for the growth is that Ipswich is "a great place to live, work and play".

"But we've made sure that live, work and play is more than a statement. It is an action," he said.

"What I have tried to do here in Ipswich since I was elected is create a safe family environment where education and jobs are paramount. People who have never visited Ipswich won't believe what we have got here. We've got a two-week festival on now that no other city in Australia has."

Affordability of housing, proximity to services and family friendliness were reasons Shannon Zografos and husband Hercules moved from Salisbury to Ipswich three weeks ago. They couldn't be happier with the decision.

They were able to up-size their home, bought through Ray White Ipswich, to get ready for a young family.

"We came from a three-bedroom post-war house to something that is more family orientated," Ms Zografos said.

We've got five bedrooms, two bathrooms and a pool on a 1300 square metre block, as opposed to the 600 square metres we had in Salisbury.

"Myself and my husband are expecting at the moment. We wanted a family home and it was affordable in Ipswich compared to what we would pay in Brisbane for the same.

"We are originally from Sydney and Ipswich is... not a big city, but it is central. For a family starting out and juggling work and family life, it works here in Ipswich.

"Instead of having a double income and no kids, you can have a family and work part time."

Cr Tully said "Ipswich's population has increased 19 per cent in the past five years".

"We expect to double our population to 360,000 by 2031," he said

"The western corridor is booming. We have one of the fastest growth rates in Australia. With another 60,000 people to go to into the Springfield development and another 120,000 into the Ripley Valley development, Ipswich is set for boom times."

Cr Pisasale has called on state and federal government to "help with infrastructure" to keep up with the growth in the city

"Ripley Valley is a good example. There is some catalytic infrastructure needed there before it can kick off," he said.

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