Ipswich police warn of opportunistic Christmas crimes

IPSWICH detectives are encouraging the community not to be complacent with their cars and belongings over the holiday period to reduce opportunistic crimes.

A number of offences in which offenders have opened unlocked vehicles and helped themselves to the contents including jewellery, money, phones, house keys and Christmas shopping are being investigated.

"If you wish to donate this year do it through a registered charity not to an opportunistic criminal," Sergeant Nadine Webster said.

"To prevent offenders doing their Christmas shopping from your vehicle, lock internal garage doors, lock garage doors, don't leave valuable items such as wallets, handbags and keys in clear view from front door, lock your vehicle even when inside your garage, don't leave valuables for exampls CDs, mobile phones, wallets, handbags, GPS devices, cash, keys, Christmas pressies visible in your car, no matter where you are lock your car, park your vehicle in your driveway or garage rather than on the street where practicable and use a steering lock or engine immobiliser."

Police are also investigating the theft of two cars from the Ipswich region this month.

A green Nissan Pathfinder wagon was stolen on December 17 while a silver Holden Capiva wagon was taken on December 18.

Those who hear or see anything out of character for the time of day or night and encouraged to look, listen and report.

Keep an eye out for any persons acting suspiciously, and report it to police straight away and think Police Link 13 14 44

Those with information that may assist police in apprehending an offender should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously on 1800 333 000.

For more crime prevention information visit www.police.qld.gov.au

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