Drink-drive crackdown catches 17 offenders

DRINK-drivers kept Ipswich police busy at the weekend with a total of 17 people charged with drink-driving offences as a result of Operation Navigate.

The weekend blitz focused on the Ipswich district and involved 12 officers.

Among the drivers charged was a 52-year-old man who had his licence suspended after being caught drink-driving twice in one night.

"After recording 0.08%, police intercepted him an hour later and he recorded 0.07%," Inspector Keith McDonald said.

Also charged were two men in their 30s who each blew 0.159% and 0.147% - about three times the legal limit.

Insp McDonald said of the 386 drivers who underwent a random breath test, 41 people were charged with various offences.

"The concerning factor for police is the number of people who continue to drink and drive, some with quite large readings," he said.

The operation also resulted in a man being charged with a hoon offence after officers allegedly witnessed him doing burnouts on the Centenary Hwy.

Insp McDonald said Ipswich district police wished to remind the community to observe all the road rules because police would be out in force.

Summary of offences:

  • 17 x drink drivers - (Divisions: Ipswich x 6, Booval x 4, Goodna x 4, Springfield x 2, Yamanto x 1)
  • 4 x Unlicensed Driving (Goodna x 2, Springfield x 1, Ipswich x 1)
  • 1 x Hoon offence - (Yamanto)
  • 1 x State false name - (Goodna)
  • 1 x Liquor Infringement Notice - (Goodna)
  • 1 x Public Urination - (Booval)
  • 16 x Traffic Infringement Notices

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