THE great nappy debate - the question of cloth or disposables - has puzzled parents for decades.

New mums and dads have to consider multiple factors when it comes to choosing their baby's nappies.

The question of comfort, cost, time and even the environmental impact are all things that the modern-day parent has to consider.

According to the majority of QT readers, however, Ipswich parents are bucking the national trend and are at the forefront of a cloth comeback.

Kim Rye advocated strongly for the use of cloth nappies and said the environmental impact was much less than using disposables every day.

"Cloth, cloth and cloth," she said.

"Firstly they don't contain formaldehyde, secondly they are sanitized, thirdly they are expensive at first but way cheaper in the long run.

"If people researched what disposables are doing to the environment they would never want to use one again."

PERSONAL CHOICE: Rosewood mum Kate Marquard, with her daughter Teleah Julka Embrey, shares her opinion after using both cloth and store-bought nappies.
PERSONAL CHOICE: Rosewood mum Kate Marquard, with her daughter Teleah Julka Embrey, shares her opinion after using both cloth and store-bought nappies. Inga Williams

Many Ipswich parents also said they preferred to use a mixture of both.

"I used cloth when mine were little and I saved heaps," Carol Meehan said.

"But on my second and last child I did use disposables once in a while when we were out and about."

Emma Royle said she also uses both cloth and disposable nappies for her baby.

"Cloth during the day. [They are] cheaper, better for environment, look super cute, no chemicals and disposable for the night, purely because it can last 12 hours overnight with no leaks," she said.

"I used a mixture of both. Cloth nappies when at home but disposable when out, for the convenience," Kylie McLucas agreed.

"Disposable have them the feeling of being dry at night, therefore we all got a better sleep," Melissa Monteith said.

Some readers disagreed, saying disposable nappies worked best for busy parents.

"I found the set up too much money. My daughter, who is now almost four and is fully trained at day and night, could only use Huggies," Rachael Rix said.

"Disposables [are] more convenient," Luke Pedrotti agreed.

"Cloth nappies are so ridiculously expensive. Even my grandmother-in-law said don't bother with cloth nappies unless you feel like washing every single day."

"It depends. I myself use disposable nappies because I have twins so it's easier," Joanne Hoare said.

"More time with the kids as opposed to having to wash and wash cloth nappies."

Rosewood mother Kate Marquard said she had definitely seen a trend towards cloth with more new mums choosing to use them over disposables.

"I think people are definitely going back to cloth," she said.

"I know a lot of other new mums who prefer them.

"I'll definitely be going back to them when Teleah is a little older."

Ms Marquard said she always planned to use cloth nappies for her four-month-old daughter Teleah, but has since moved on to using disposables.

"The plan was to do cloth but because she was wetting constantly we just didn't have enough time when she was a newborn," she said.

"Some people say the disposables are more expensive but you think of the cost of washing powder, water and power, the costs add up.

"The cloth tended to give Teleah more of a rash so, in our case, the disposables have been much better for her."

The new mum said the most important thing was for new mums and dads to respect other parents' choice when it came to what suited their baby best.

"At the end of the day it's what's best for your child," she said.

"I think the most important thing is to support other parents instead of being judgemental."

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