Ipswich not-for-profit bounces back stronger after COVID-19

Endeavour Foundation in Ipswich was forced to close down operation in late March when COVID-19 restrictions made it impossible for them to continue with their face-to-face programs forcing their customers who rely on the programs to instead go online instead.

After being closed down for some time, Endeavour Foundation officially reopened last week and operations manager Cameron Donaldson said while they were allowed to reopen their doors to their clients it wasn’t exactly the reopening they had hoped for.

“We closed for the better part of three months,” he said.

“It was a smaller reopening than we were planning but that’s obviously because we are going by government guidelines.

“What we have implemented with out reopening is very strict COVID-19 Safe guidelines with very in-depth sign in sheets and taking peoples temperatures as well.”

Endeavour Foundation Ipswich
Endeavour Foundation Ipswich

Mr Donaldson said despite not being able to open for the past three months he was happy for the foundation to start getting back to a sense of normalcy and was also ensuring they were following correct protocol to keep their customers and workers safe.

“We’re really happy about being back open to our customers,” he said.

“We support customers throughout three aspects: home, work and community.”

Mr Cameron said Endeavour Foundation designed pathway programs to help people with disabilities in order to live life more independently.

Endeavour Foundation Ipswich opened up in 2017 and has since gone through various renovation and management changes.

“A lot of our customers live in the community but there input is minimal,” he said.

“What we want to do is – we want to create that our service helps customers get involved in the community and give back and be active members.”

To find out how you can volunteer or help visit www.endeavour.com.au/services/locations/brisbane-west/learn-ipswich

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