We're talking 'me-time' this week in Hey Mumma. We asked you: You've got one hour of free time - what do you do with it? Here's what you said on Facebook:

Julie Attwell - Fairly certain there's many things that pop into our minds on what we want to do, but somehow we end up using it to vaccuum, mop, put the washing on and even put some away.

Fiona Griffiths - After raising my six children as a single mum and now one of my granddaughters, nothing has changed. When I get that time to myself its always house work washing cleaning floors, etc.

Kylie Ballard - Well, Uni is starting tomorrow so probably studying or walking my dog, or if my kids are about then playing with them, either one of those.

Stacey Gwatking - At the moment? Read a page of a book and sleep. Or if I had more disposable cash, a massage!

Tamara Moore - Usually try to catch up on some shows recorded but end up falling asleep and having a nap, lol.

Cassandra Moran - Have a bath and read a book whilst snacking on choccies and drinking tea in peace.

Kayla Ann Maree - Some mothers do, other mothers just power through it, I've been a mum for five years and haven't had a day or night or even an hour to myself, because they're my babies for me to raise and be there for, I don't want someone else enjoying my kids milestones so I choose to be with all 3 of mine all day everyday, my down time is bedtime I stay up late and do whatever I want for my "Me" time.

Don Tracey - Each woman to their own. My ONLY me time is when the children are asleep - I have a hobby and enjoy sitting up editing my photos, wouldn't be asleep for quids. I love raising my children also.

Kelly-Anne Lawrance - I'm having me time right now, I'm hiding out in my oldest sons bed while he is asleep in mine and my 18 month old is sitting on the couch watching tv and eating toast. I have about 13 minutes and 23 seconds left untill the youngest starts looking for me haahaha. ... hold that my oldest just woke up and found me, cya!

Elisa Hilliard - Both parents need breaks, whomever is the primary caregiver should make time for themselves. I often have my time when everyone else has gone to bed, would rather miss an hours sleep. But I am refreshed for it and people always wonder why I am so calm and relaxed.

Jacky Jones-Barnes - Your children are only young for such a short time. Enjoy every minute with them. Just remember when you are old and lonely waiting for your kids to visit that they are out having ME time.

Romy Kate - Go find Pokemon!

Tamara Moore - Whats this "ME" time you speak of? lol

Cate Carter - Afternoon nap.

Sally Denkel - Sleep or a massage.

Christine Baldwin - Bake/cook.

Kirsty Macleod - Have a nap.

Courtney Horne - Read a book.

Kasey O'Leary - Playing video games.

Amanda Kent - Lay in the bath with a glass of wine and read a book.

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