TRAUMATISED: Tracy Gaff and her son Ryan are too scared to walk their dog Max after a larger dog set upon and hunted them.
TRAUMATISED: Tracy Gaff and her son Ryan are too scared to walk their dog Max after a larger dog set upon and hunted them. Emma Clarke

Mum's plea to pet owners after pedigree dog mauled

A KARALEE mum is 'too petrified' to walk home with her children and dogs after a large dog set upon the family and mauled her pedigree pooch.

Tracy Gaff was clutching her Japanese Spitz show dog Max to her chest as a stray dog knocked her to the ground and started attacking her and her pet while she was walking on Arthur Summervilles Rd on a Friday afternoon.

In the minutes that followed, Ms Gaff and her dog were attacked up to three times as the dog "hunted" the family across hundreds of metres.

"We were walking home on the last day of school on a Friday afternoon and we got about half way home and the kids yelled out there was a dog in front," she said.

"I looked up and saw the dog across the road and thought we might turn around and by the time I had picked the dog up he had flattened me and he was on top of me mauling two dogs."

It only stopped when a witness drove their car between the dog and Ms Gaff.

"After that I saw a car on the road, the driver had seen what happened and came through and tooted and nudged the dog," she said.

"At that time the dog backed off me and grabbed one of my dogs, took it into the middle of the road and started shaking it."

She said her dog got free and the larger dog started chasing it.

"In the mean time we got the other dog contained and took off after them and the car went after them too. In that time he got my dog and started shaking it.

"By this time we were up a kilometre, this dog shaking and hunting us and another car witness came through and got in the middle of the dog and threw my dog to safety.

"Within seconds this dog had come back four or five hundred metres and flattened me again and my son tried to get the dog off me and he was bowled over.

"Then the dog got hold of my other dog and dragged him under the car and ripped his leg to shreds and his stomach lining."

Walking home from school with the 11-year-old son and seven-year-old daughter was a weekly family activity but Ms Gaff said she was too afraid walk the streets after the incident.

"Something that we love to do as a family is ride home from school, the kids love to ride their bikes and scooters, and now I'm too scared," she said.

"I'm petrified, I'm really traumatised. My dog is only two years old so he loves his walks."

She is appealing to dog owners to be responsible for their pets to prevent a potential disaster.

"As traumatic as it was, we can all think our dogs are lovely but we don't know how out dogs are going to react when it sees another dog out in public," she said.

"I don't want down anyone else's dog or respect to any other dog, it doesn't matter what dog it is, it shouldn't happen to them. It could mean this dog can no longer breed or show, to have their career potentially taken away from them over something like this.

"We should have the right as any resident to be able to walk in our neighbourhood without this happening. It would be a shame for this to happen to any dog.

"All dogs can be lovely to their own owners but should it see another dog it may react in another way, you can't tell how a dog will react to another dog when they're on their own."

Ms Gaff said the dog's owner paid for the $3000 vet bill but Max's future as a show dog was ruined.

Minimum standards as set out in the Ipswich City Council's local laws

All owners must comply with the minimum standards as set out in the council's local laws. Failure to meet this criteria may result in penalty.

Dogs must be contained to the property via adequate fencing or an enclosure.

Enclosures must be able to shelter dogs from weather and provide adequate freedom for them to exercise, taking into account their breed, size and nature. No part of the dog can leave the property via this enclosure eg the animal must not be able put any part of its body over or through the fence.

Owners must not allow their dogs to become a nuisance.

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