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Ipswich MP's 'fascinating' insight into G20 planning

IPSWICH MP Ian Berry was part of a parliamentary committee to be briefed on Queensland Police Service's security plans for coming G20 conference.

Planning for the arrival of world leaders in Brisbane next September for the international summit is under way.

US and Russian presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin are among 20 world leaders destined to arrive for the G20, which is synonymous with protesters violently clashing with police.

Police Minister Jack Dempsey introduced the G20 (Safety and Security) Bill 2013 to parliament last month.

It outlines the security project to protect citizens, dignitaries, property and to prevent acts of terrorism.

While international police officers from around the Commonwealth are likely to be called in to police the summit, Mr Berry said Ipswich officers would not be called into Brisbane.

"What they said is they will be getting police from New Zealand and Canada, what powers they will have and how they will be dressed," he said.

The officers will wear their own uniform and be provided with a G20 police hat.

Mr Berry said protesters arrested during the G20 would not be bailed until the summit had finished.

He said within the G20 designated area police would have the power to search people, either with a pat-down or strip search.

Submissions for the Bill closed earlier this month and this week will be heard by the Legal Affairs Committee, which Mr Berry chairs.

Mr Berry said the process of finalising the security arrangements to benefit citizens and the world leaders taking part in the G20 had been fascinating.

"What was interesting to me was the police coming from other states and overseas. It's a once in a life time event. I don't think we will experience it again in our life time," he said.

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