Boiling oil thwarts robbery

AN IPSWICH man who tried to hold-up a takeaway shop with a large knife was thwarted by a quick-thinking employee armed with a pan of boiling oil.

Ipswich District Court heard Callum John Warren Galway, 19, walked into the store on April 4 about 6.25pm armed with a 33-centimetre knife and demanded $200.

But the employee working in the Oxley takeaway food store refused.

Galway said, “Give me $200 or I’ll hurt you,” and held the knife at the employee.

The employee grabbed a pan which was full of boiling oil and showed it to Galway, causing the would-be robber to run away.

Police discovered Galway, who was highly intoxicated, hiding in the bushes a short distance away.

Defence barrister James Godbolt said his client had developed a problem with gambling and alcohol abuse and did not remember trying to hold-up the store.

Crown Prosecutor John Copley said Galway told police, “he remembered being home cleaning his room and then remembered getting arrested”.

Galway pleaded guilty to attempted armed robbery.

Mr Copley said the attempted armed robbery of the takeaway store was just the escalation of a series of offences for the young Ipswich man.

Included in the offences were:

In April Galway entered a friend’s garage twice to steal and pawn a projector screen and to steal and later return boxing-ring ropes.

On New Year’s Eve last year Galway took his grandfather’s car without permission and drove it to Dalby to visit relatives.

Galway rang his grandfather to tell him he had taken the car and would return it the next day, but instead brought it back several days later with $5000 worth of damage.

Galway pleaded guilty to entering a premises and stealing, fraud, two charges of stealing, two charges of unlawful use of a motor vehicle causing damage and unlicensed driving.

He was sentenced to 18 months jail and will be released on parole on February 23 next year. Fifteen days already spent in custody were taken into account.

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