Ipswich lad's fitting reward

THERE would have been several events of great significance decided overnight at Perth's Gloucester Park Paceway.

Of major importance will be the running of the Inter-dominion Championship Grand final for 2017.

Victorian trainer David Aiken has a big hand in the feature with last year's winner, Lenny The Shark, likely to overcome a health scare due to a hoof abscess earlier this week and stablemate, Hector Jay Jay, in top form, but saddled with an ordinary barrier draw.

Hector Jay Jay will have to rely on his amazing speed to compensate for the less than favourable alley.

However, speed is a big factor on Gloucester Park, as anyone who witnessed Imthemightyquinn in action on the premier track would appreciate.

The second major happening will be the final heat of the Australasian Young Driver's Championship, in which Ipswich is well represented by Glamorganvale lad Nathan Dawson.

Dawson has risen to prominence as a driver in the past 18 months by the dint of sheer hard work and determination.

To be the Queensland rep at a prestigious carnival in competition with the best young drivers Australasia has to offer is a fitting reward.

With nine races decided, Dawson was sitting fifth on 60 points with NZ reinsman Robbie Close  up front on 69 points.

As I said last week, it is all about horse ability and barriers.

Dawson was able to make the best of the two better packages in his line-up, winning with Sarah Goody at Northam and gaining second with CC Chevron at Pinjarra.

Keep your fingers crossed. Dawson is far from out of it.

Whip ban reform

AUSTRALIA'S Harness Racing Industry will today announce an historical change to its racing and training practices, specifically to the use of whips.

The announcement will put Australia at the forefront of international reforms in racing, with the safety of drivers, horses and people being maximised and new standards set for animal welfare.

The significant changes are considered vital to the long-term sustainability of the industry, the generation of a new fan base and to achieving best practice.

RQ's latest plan

WE always talk about the "light at the end of the tunnel" but it is often hard to discern.

It seems that the Queensland Government has seen the current plight of racing, and has announced funding to the tune of $53 million to be spent on infrastructure across the three codes.

The new Racing Queensland Board has been charged with the important task of developing an infrastructure plan for a 20 year plus future.

Industry consultation is an important part of this work.

Funding is to be considered for:

(1) Commercial projects to enhance self sufficiency;

(2) Major projects worth more than $1 million that provide enduring benefits for the sport/industry, and/or the ability to enhance wagering or on-track attendances;

(3) Minor projects, less than $1 million, covering work health and safety or animal welfare.

Governments never cease to amaze. Find a problem, apply money and all will be well.

Just for a change, how about charging the Racing Queensland Board with doing something for themselves about our plight.

Increasing tote turnover by providing a "punter friendly'' race format to attract new customers and repeat business would be a good place to start.

To change the race format costs nothing.

Marburg racing

DON'T forget Marburg races next Saturday.

An afternoon at Marburg with low cost factors, a couple of big money giveaways in the $750 Pick the Card competition and the $100 free bet, coupled with Funny Money for those who like the fun without the risk.

It's all there - speed and spectacle on the 700m circuit.

Adults $5, pensioners and students $3 and race books $3. Children under 16 enter free.

Gates open at 10am with trials begijning at 11am and the first race at approximately 12.30pm.

Handy tips

SELECTIONS for Albion Park tonight.

R1: Box trifecta in four. 1-2-6-8: Purple Royale (M. Elkins)-Mafuta vautin (D. Graham)-Stormont Czar (R. Morris)-Broadway Playboy (A. Sanderson).

R2: Box trifecta 1-3-8: Tallyho Bromac (S. Graham)-The Space Invader (M. Neilson)-Simply Gorgeous (N. McMullen).

R3: Box trifecta 1-3-8: Midnight Prowler (N. McMullen)-Remember Ruby (G. Dixon)-Rubys Bad Boy (A. Sanderson).

R4: Box trifecta in four. 1-2-3-8: My Mach Scooter (S. Graham)-Epaulette (A. Sanderson)-Cracka Stride (T. Dawson)-Lisas Lawyer (P. McMullen).

R5: Box trifecta in four. 8-11-12-13. Reds Jet Star (M. Neilson)-Get In The Groove (G. Dixon)-Cherish The Moment (T. Dixon)-Armazem (D. McMullen).

R6: Quinella 2-4: Avonnova (S. Graham) and Alleluia (G. Dixon).

R7: Quinella 7-9: Our Diamond Edition (A. Rees) and Another Fireball (T. Moffat).

R8: Box trifecta in four. 1-2-7-8: Its All About Lu (S. Graham)-The Endeavour (N. McMullen)-Another Broadway (B. Graham)-East Emperor (B. Cockburn).

R9: Box trifecta 1-2-3: Yankee Strutter (T. Lambourn)-Maywyns Best (G. Dwyer)-Soldier Of Fortune (G. Whitaker).

R10: Quinella 1-2: Polished Rocks (N. Mcmullen) and Charlaval (R. Morris).

Honour board

A different leader board coming into the festive season with Amy Rees playing Santa for herself courtesy of three winners for the week. A triple dead-heat at two apiece in the training department supplied "Christmas Ducks'' for Darrell Graham, Tess Neaves, and Greg Elkins. The most pleasing effort was Neaves and Gary Litzow making it a day out on the grass at Kilcoy.

Albion Park, December 2: My Ultimate Hell (Hayden Barnes for Wayne Davis); Tellus Rodney (Chris Petroff for Ron Sallis); Major Kiwi (Amy Rees for Mick Butler); Illawong Dreamtime (Brittany Graham for Doug Lee).

Albion Park, December 3: Broadway Playboy (Darrell Graham); Major Lexus (Amy Rees for Mick Butler); Beaudienne Bill (Gary Whitaker for Graeme Gavin).

Kilcoy, December 3: Curtis Maguire (Gary Litzow for Tess Neaves); Machbino (Gary Litzow for Tess Neaves).

Albion Park, December 6: Crowning Glory (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins); Armazem (Danielle McMullen); Risky Buziness (Ricky Gordon); Im The Golden Child (Isobel Ross for Barty Cockburn).

Redcliffe, December 7: Rory Mach (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham); Mister Performance (Dan Russell); R Eleven Heaven (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers); Zed Code (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost); Looksmachnificent (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).

Albion Park, December 8: Senitas Success (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen); Gloveman Gilly (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins); Wee Jimmy (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).

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Flights delayed, houses with no power after storms

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