VIDEO: Ipswich teen magician runs away to the circus

YOUNG Ipswich magician Jeffro Bennett has run away to the circus.

The high school student turned escape artist first made headlines close to a year ago when he escaped a maximum security straight jacket while blindfolded under water on the 90th anniversary of illusionist Harry Houdini's death.

Now he's left the confines of school and run away to join Michael Boyd's Circus of Illusion - at least for the school holidays.

He'll spend two weeks assisting the veteran magician, developing the skills he's been perfecting since he got his first magic kit as a child.

A lot has changed for the young magician since his first deck of cards as he prepares to witness Mr Boyd levitate a woman as part of series of dramatic illusions.

RISING STAR: Ipswich magician Jeffro Bennett has run away to Michael Boyd's (right) Circus of Illusion on the Gold Coast.
RISING STAR: Ipswich magician Jeffro Bennett has run away to Michael Boyd's (right) Circus of Illusion on the Gold Coast. Contributed


"It's a great experience learning from one of the world's top magicians. I have been helping with the setup, preparing props, ushering and running the magic workshop before the show," Jeffro said.

"The circus of illusion is basically a circus and magic show hybrid. Michael Boyd does many of his best illusions including levitating a lady."

On his return from the circus, Jeffro performs at Fourth Child Restaurant on Friday and Saturday nights.

"I do roving and table magic while the diners are having a drink or waiting for their meals. Table magic is also called close up magic and is great in a restaurant setting," he said. "I use coins, handkerchiefs, safety pins, cards, rope and other everyday items to perform."

The Thagoona teen has been learning the art of magic for more than five years and credits his early successes to hours dedicated to practising and a few seasoned magic professionals as mentors.

"It takes a lot of practise and training. I am so lucky to have some great mentors like Gold Coast legend Magic Dan, also fellow Ipswich resident and Australia's oldest performing magician Joe Lewis who is 86," he said.

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