REVEALED: Your top 10 complaints to Ipswich council

PROBLEMS with dogs are the biggest cause of complaint for Ipswich residents.

Last month alone, the council fielded 433 dog-related complaints, or 'calls for service'.

Those issues included noise such as barking, roaming and fencing with dog related problems accounting for six of the top 10 complaints to Ipswich City Council in the past 12 months.

Animals in general are also one of the main issues that lead to residents being slapped with fines, the latest council committee reports reveal.

In the period between September 2016 and August 2017, the council handed out 457 animal related infringement notices, slightly up from the same period in the previous year.

If each of those fines was worth $121.90, or one standard penalty unit, that represents $55,708.30 worth of infringement notices.

But handing out fines isn't the council's main aim.

Instead it has launched various education campaigns, around dog registration and de-sexing for example, including going into schools to teach children about responsible puppy ownership.

Health and Community Safety Chair Councillor Sheila Ireland was not surprised to hear the biggest complaints arose from problems with pets in neighbouring yards.

She said the council favoured education over punishment and would use fines as a last resort, if it was apparent the message wasn't getting through.

"It's no surprise problems with pets attract the most complaints because barking dogs, for example, really annoy the neighbours," Cr Ireland said.

"With roaming dogs, some people assume there will be a problem with certain breeds so it's just how different people react to different circumstances.

"It's heartbreaking when your dog gets out and you can't find it, and that's why fencing is an issue.

"The bottom line, and this is part of what we are teaching kids in schools, is before you get a dog you need to look at your fencing. If you know you will be out all day, make sure you have plenty of things for the dog to do in the yard and perhaps consider having two dogs for company."

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Top 10 complaints

1. Roaming dogs: 94

2. Dog noise nuisance: 87

3. Collection of impounded dog: 79

4. Unregistered dog: 75

5. Illegal parking on footpath: 69

6. Dog Attack: 62

7. Abandoned vehicle: 48

8. Loan of cat trap: 42

9. Overgrown private property: 42

10. Dog fencing issue: 36

(Figures for the month of September)

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