UNPOPULAR RESPONSE: An APN poll has revealed Ipswich is not happy with Tony Abbott’s performance as prime minister.
UNPOPULAR RESPONSE: An APN poll has revealed Ipswich is not happy with Tony Abbott’s performance as prime minister. File

Ipswich gives Abbott dismal rating as PM

TODAY marks Tony Abbott's one-year anniversary as Australian prime minister - and according to an ARM Facebook poll, Ipswich is the least happy with the PM's performance.

Ipswich has given Tony Abbott a dismal rating of 1.2 out of 10 for his performance as prime minister, the worst of all 14 news sites across Queensland and New South Wales.

"I'll give him a one as I can't give him less than that," QT reader Jane Douglas said.


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"On behalf of asylum seekers, immigrants, age pensioners, future age pensioners, single parents, disabled people, indigenous Australians, people who go to the doctor, people who value the ABC, people who belong to unions, people who value telling the truth, the man is the most despicable neoconservative liar."

Angela Steendam agreed.

"Abbott is an embarrassment to this country, backflipping on 'promises', taking away benefits which help the less fortunate - there is definitely a hidden agenda to his actions," she said.

Of 154 comments, the poor ratings continued to dominate the poll, with Somerset Councillor Jim Madden joining the debate.

"Tony Abbott's performance as Prime Minister over the last 12 months can only be described as appalling," Cr Madden said.

"For most of this time he thought he was still the Opposition Leader and continued with his attack (of) the Labor Party. When he got a chance for a fresh start with his budget he blew it and broke nearly all of his pre-election promises."

However some readers were more satisfied with Mr Abbott's performance.


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"Nine out of 10, he may not be perfect but he is 100% better than the previous leaders who left the financial mess he is trying to stabilise," Kaatje Bowers said.

"In the present condition the world is in now I doubt if there is anybody else who would do any better."

Pensioner Bev Draper gave Mr Abbott an eight out of 10 for his performance over the past year.

"My aged pension hasn't been cut, where are you all getting your information from?" she said.

"They've had to make some really tough calls, I respect that."

Over the 14 sites, Mr Abbott averaged a rating of three out of 10, nearly two points above the Ipswich average.



Sunshine Coast Daily = rating 3.1

The Gympie Times = rating 3.4

Warwick Daily News = rating 5.3

The Queensland Times = rating 1.2

The Chronicle = rating 3.7

NewsMail = rating 4.1

Fraser Coast Chronicle = rating 4.5

The Morning Bulletin = rating 3.1

Daily Mercury = rating 4

The Observer = rating 2.5

Tweed Daily News = rating 2.9

The Coffs Coast Advocate = rating 2.5

The Daily Examiner = rating 3.9

The Northern Star = rating 2.2