Force Files with QT basketball columnist Marney George.
Force Files with QT basketball columnist Marney George. Sarah Harvey

Superhero basketballers show the 'Force' is really with them

FOR those lucky Ipswich residents who caught a glimpse of Superman, Batman, Ironman or even a Pink Power Ranger on Monday night, don't be alarmed.

And no, your eyes were not deceiving you.

You really did see a superhero, or at least an Ipswich Force QBL women's player dressed up as one.

The Force women's team took advantage of the public holiday to have a team bonding session and a bit of fun with a Superhero Amazing Race training session.

Dressed in their favourite Superhero costume, the Force women divided into three teams, took to gallivanting across Ipswich on a mission, solving clues and getting photo evidence.

The last task required the groups to attach themselves to each person in their respective teams and cross the finish line as a whole.

For one team this interpreted into a four-legged race across the stadium to the finish line.

While four superhero-clad women literally shuffling across the court may have been a sight to behold, it was Superman (I mean coach Brad George) was looking for.

His team was working together, communicating to each other every step and moving together as one.

It is this characteristic teamwork, along with the ultra-competitive streak that shone through all teams on Monday night, that Brad would like to see duplicated in tomorrow night's state league game and for the rest of the season.

Spurred on from last week's win and an action packed training session, the Force women want to come out firing tomorrow night against a 10th place South West team. No-one more so than new Force recruit Sigourney Thompson who will square off against her old team.

For tonight's second game at Ipswich stadium, South West men are one spot above the Force men.

The Force - with the determination of Alex Desroches, the grit of Rory Sutton, the lightning quick Jerel Chavis, the courts smarts of Jason Ralph and bolstered by the return of 7ft Martin Iti - should have enough firepower to put South West away.


Skills for schools

IPSWICH Basketball, in conjunction with the Australian Sports Commissions Active After School Communities, are holding a Skills for Schools Fun Development Day tomorrow.

With eight schools, 42 teams and approximately 350 primary school aged children expected to attend the day, the response from the local community has been terrific. Each school will be designated a QBL player to be their ambassador on the day and provide valuable coaching and guidance for each of the teams as they undertake a series of fun games and competitions.

During the lunch break, a celebrity match is planned between local celebrities and school children.

This event will be the first of its kind to be run in Queensland.


Quote of the week

THE greater the loyalty of a group toward the group, the greater is the motivation among the members to achieve the goals of the group, and the greater the probability that the group will achieve its goals. - Rensis Likert

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