CLOSEKNIT TEAM: The Ipswich Force women’s basketball side which has some catchy “nicknames”.
CLOSEKNIT TEAM: The Ipswich Force women’s basketball side which has some catchy “nicknames”. Inga Williams

Two semi-final feats to be celebrated

THE Ipswich Force Queensland Basketball League teams fell one game short of making the grand finals after being defeated by Rockhampton last weekend.

While losing in the semis is extremely disappointing, we cannot dwell on what we cannot change. Instead, we have chosen to look from a more positive angle.

Both teams should feel proud of their achievements this year.

Having made considerable changes in their rosters from last year, both teams worked hard during the season. It paid off with the Force women finishing with an impressive 14-4 win/loss record and the Force men producing an 11-7 win/loss performance.

This is a significant improvement from last year's 11-7 (women) and 3-13 (men) totals. It demonstrates with continued support from our Ipswich Basketball family, our corporate partners and the wider Ipswich community, the Force will continue to go from strength to strength.

This will bolster our position as a "Force" to be reckoned with in the Queensland Basketball League and providing that all important development pathway for our junior representative players.

The future looks bright for Ipswich Basketball.


Presentation night

THE Ipswich Force teams would like to welcome our family, friends and supporters to our end of season presentation at Banjo's Bar on Friday, September 12.

The function begins at 6.30pm to help us celebrate a fantastic season.

RSVP by September 5, by calling the stadium on 3282 4328.

A huge thank you to all those who came to support us this season, in particular our little group of merry fans who travelled all the way to Rockhampton by bus to support the Force. Our crowds just keep getting bigger and better.


Fun awards

AS Force co-captains, Courtney Taylor and I decided to hand out some "awards" to wrap up the season.

After much brainstorming, we decided to share some names given to us by our coaches.

Imagine these names being announced, top note, in the typical American voiceover, as if it was a big-time game at Madison Square Garden. You can see why our team was laughing.

#4 Courtney "I have a Twin" Taylor: One half of the pocket rocket Taylor twins.

#5 Peta "I like to party" Eddington: Even with a full schedule, this full-time nurse can still find the time and energy to party hard.

#6 Marney "I've had a baby" George: This season was a little different with the addition of Ryder. However he quickly became our number one fan.

#7 Jess "I am the Twin" Taylor: The other half of the Taylor twins who is very quick to point out she is actually six minutes older than her sister.

#8 Sherridan "I've got a spray tan" Wilson: Sherridan would not be seen without a tan. She bought a spray tan home kit so she can always be tanned.

#9 Sarah "Globetrotter" Davis: Sarah left the team, mid-season to go gallivanting around the world in a five-month trip of a lifetime.

#10 Stacey "watch out for my elbows" Howard: Stacey is well known for using her elbows during game play. Teammate Jess Taylor knows all too well to stay out of Stacey's path when her elbows are flying, having been on the receiving end of a blow to the face last season, resulting in a broken nose.

#11 Chelsie "Toaster" Schweers: At our first training session, Terry our assistant coach, asked Chelsie how she was using different basketballs. Her response: "Give me anything - I can shoot toasters and still make the shot!"

#12 Sigourney "Road Safe" Thompson: Road safety is always at the forefront of her mind.

#13 Meg "Mega legs" Essex: Have you seen Meg? Her legs go for miles.

#15 Emily "I've got a spin move" Davis: In one particular game Emily came off the bench and scored with a spectacular spin.

#42 Brandi "BB" Brown: Brandi loves Beyonce. Not only is BB, Brandi's initials, but it also stands for Beyonce Brandi.

#55 Lauren "Mini Bar" O'Sullivan: Lauren, was last year nicknamed "fridge" by an opposing team during the final series. However, Lauren had the last laugh, working hard in the off-season to become fitter and leaner. This year, she had one of her best seasons.

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