Mum's rage over child

A MOTHER smashed her partner's car and doused it in petrol because she feared he would take her son.

Ipswich District Court heard the 18-year-old woman and her partner had a heated argument on March 16 which led to the man leaving the apartment with their 18-month-old son.

Crown prosecutor Elizabeth Kelso said the woman became enraged and grabbed a brick and threw it at her partner's car seven to nine times.

The mother grabbed a wheel brace and smashed the car's headlights and speaker system and then dumped her partner's clothes on the car.

She then poured petrol over the car but fearing the apartment might catch alight, she drove the car away from the building.

During the short drive, the woman smashed the car into her partner's boat several times.

She then took out a lighter but realising she was covered in petrol she decided not to set fire to the car. Instead, she slashed the car's tyres with a knife.

The woman cannot be named due to domestic violence and child custody issues.

Ms Kelso said the woman later told police: “I wanted to get back at him really bad.”

When asked if she felt any remorse, the woman said: “No, not at all.”

The petite brunette pleaded guilty to wilfully damaging a car, trailer and clothing.

She was put on probation for two years and ordered to perform anger management counselling.

Judge Gregory Koppenol told the woman not to smile and laugh while she was being sentenced.

Defence barrister Steve Kissick said her client's now ex-partner had since taken her son and she was fighting to get him back.

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