OPINION: Ipswich Cup continues to unite us all

IPSWICH Cup day is not just the biggest and best social occasion in the city each year.

It is now recognised as the leading social event in all of Queensland, and any of the 20,000 plus attendees of Saturday's extraordinarily successful day could tell you why.

Take a bow Ipswich.

Ipswich Turf Club, you should do the same.

In fact, everyone who came along can also share in the plaudits.

Police told the QT the event was incident free, so while there were plenty of liquids consumed the crowd got into the spirit of the day.

From what I could see there were many former Ipswichites in attendance catching up with old friends.

New friends were no doubt made.

The corporate backing of the Ipswich Cup continues to thrive and there was plenty of networking going on in the various tents that businesses had laid out well worthwhile pennies to secure.

The relationships formed and cultivated at such events - away from keyboards, technology and the office environment - cannot be underestimated.

Winners were grinners, of course.

And there were plenty of them - from jockeys to owners and from trainers to your average Joe punters.

For those who didn't win on the punt, there is always next time.

But the winners were all those who attended. It was a great day.


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