Ipswich Council heavy handed in dog control

YEARS ago our dog was declared a dangerous dog after he bit someone that put their hand through a hole in the fence to deliver a phonebook.

After appealing to the council to no avail we were told that he would be classed as a dangerous dog and we would have to build and lock him in an enclosure because the state law had changed.

After approaching the state government we were told that it was up to the council because it goes back to their punishment.

We approached the council and were told because there was nothing in place at the time of the original punishment it would go on the new laws and either we build the enclosure or be fined and the dog would be put down.

We met the mayor, Cr Bromage and Cr Antoniolli at a meet and greet at Riverlink and were told they would help and even told my kids their dogs would be ok.

After several weeks of arguing with the council our dog lost his battle with cancer and we got him put down.

About two weeks later we got a visit from a council officer to see if we complied with their demands to build an enclosure.

I told them the dog had died and he told me if I didn't notify them in writing they would fine me.

I sent them a nasty email with a copy of his euthanasia bill, which finally got them off my back.

DAVID SMILES, Leichhardt


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