Ipswich under 12 girls who dominated the high jump: Claire Bellingham (first), Molly Green (second) and Toby Stolberg (third).
Ipswich under 12 girls who dominated the high jump: Claire Bellingham (first), Molly Green (second) and Toby Stolberg (third). Crystal Goulding

Ipswich club's amazing 235 medals

THE Ipswich Little Athletics team achieved some outstanding results at the recent Nordic Sport Metro West Regional Championships at the University of Qld Athletics Centre.

Hundreds of athletes competed over the two days to qualify for the Queens- land Little Athletics State Championships being held at QSAC from March 23-25.

The Ipswich contingent of more than 140 competitors won a total of 235 medals - 100 gold, 68 silver and 67 bronze.

Three new regional best performances were broken over the weekend with a fourth equalling the current record.

Record-breaking under-14 1500m walker Camryn Novinetz.
Record-breaking under-14 1500m walker Camryn Novinetz. Crystal Goulding

The Ipswich centre record-breakers were:

Deja Vaivela - U9 200m, 33.28 (equal record);

Sophie Moore - U10 400m, 1:13.95;

Lily Goulding - U10 1100m, walk 6:22.84 ;

Camryn Novinetz - U14 1500m, walk 7:12.75.

Ninety-nine athletes qualified to compete at the state championships next month. They are:

Girls: Deja Vaivela, Dakota Gillespie, Kaylah Daniell, Asha Bentley, Tiffany Spaliviero, Olivia Windolf, Kamara Stewart, Catherine Tamate, Shanikah Smith, Sophie Moore, Dakota Wenzel-Stephan, Charlotte Parsons, Holly-Maree Matthew, Rachael Wilson, Portia Donovan, Lily Goulding, Riley Mathewson, Isabel Kitching, Kasha Gillespie, Monique Williams, Rylee Novinetz, Lillian Kitching, Lily Vine, Kate Brent, Emily Little, Hayley Condon, Clare Bellingham, Krystal Smith, Molly Green, Eleanor Bond, Toby Stolberg, Charlize Goody, Taya Smith, Ziporah Johnson, Eboni Egberts, Tiana Mathewson, Jessica Kitching, Claire Newman, Sophie Wilkins, Mikaela Doneley, Taya Beckers, Leah Clark, Mykayla Newton, Laylani Va'ai, CJ Hay, Kaviesha Barton, Camryn Novinetz, Kiara Condon, Racquel Manteit, Madelin Smith, Haley Webber, Imogen Vine, Caitlyn Leddin, Dahniella Pedroni, Emily Kitching, Candace Fraser, Jordan Unwin and Isabelle Schodde AWD.

Boys: Koby Williams, Luke Morris, Sebastian Sills, Mitchell Gallaher, Joel Jakimowicz, Samuel Morris, Dakota Stewart, Jhye Rasmussen, Zack Manteit, Psalms Masame, Rory Smith, Aidan Titman, Chayse Russell, Koda Cuthbert-Hough, Ocean-Noah Vaivela, Torin Manteit, Kaiden Polak, Liam Donovan, Riley Wells, Logan Hay, Tyler Booby, Ethan Windolf, Jordan Manteit, Jayden Smith, Devonte-lei Vaivela, Kadin McAllister, Harrison Hagan-Green, Lachlan Goulding, Cooper Farnsworth, Braydon Jones, Joshua Peni, Kane Moulder-Shard, Elijah Masame, Jordan Percival, Tyler Cuthbert-Hough, Nicholas Egberts, Liam Stolberg, Immanuel Masame, Hayden Olsen, Jayden Schmutter and Kyle Rasmussen.